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Gay sunny holidays are one of the most incredible things that gay men love. We love places filled with shimmering beaches and heat from the sun. It is the perfect opportunity to relax on the sand, get the perfect tan, and enjoy a cocktail with the sounds of the waves in front of you. In this section, you will have tons of options for gay beaches, gay-friendly sunny locations, and lovely, open-minded environments where gay men are fully accepted. These places have some incredible, vibrant gay scenes that will make you feel proud to be who you are.

Gay tourism today is on the rise and, as countries begin to legalize or recognize gay partnerships and gay marriages, we’re extremely lucky to finally have some places where we could be ourselves. All of my sunny recommendations are places I have visited and specifically selected to include in this category because of the safety and security that gay travellers can feel. In these gorgeous places, you can hold your partner’s hand, give them a kiss, and act as a couple without judgemental eyes following your every move. Whether you’re interested in some of the many gay beaches in small towns such as Beach Bassa Rodona in Sitges, Spain or you’re looking for a more exciting adventure with gay beaches surrounded by the wilderness, such as L’Espiguette Beach near Montpellier, France, there is always something for any kind of gay traveller.


My fellow gay men, this is our time to be comfortable, relaxed, and adventurous. Take a seat, grab a pen and paper, and start planning your next gay holidays with some of these excellent gay sunny holiday destinations.