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Holidays for Gay Dads

Gay family holiday vibe

Fun and friendly holidays for a gay with kids

Today in the UK and in many European countries, same-sex parents are a relatively common sight in our towns and cities, and gay couples having children is widely accepted. However - we shouldn’t forget that this positive change has only come about relatively recently. Today’s gay dads are still trailblazers - with few who have gone before them, and living in a society that is not yet totally free from judgement.


We’re truly moved by the courage and determination of gay dads everywhere - and we’d like to lend our modest support by suggesting some amazing holidays for a gay dad with kids. Our carefully selected destinations include gay sunny places, gay city breaks and even family day trips! Whatever you and your family enjoy the most, we’re positive you’ll find a safe, welcoming and - above all - fun destination!


Taking a family on vacation can be daunting - especially for the first time! Please don’t hesitate to contact Holidays4Men if you have any questions or would like further guidance on any of the destinations found on our website.


Cristian Says:


“I feel like I have always developed strong relationships and bonds with children - starting when I joined a volunteer program in a developing country in South-East Africa, which gave me the opportunity to visit a number of different schools and kindergartens. I was lucky enough to teach and share knowledge with the children I worked with, as well as have fun and play games with them. I’m proud to be an uncle, and while I am not yet a father, becoming an uncle made me feel strongly that I want to support gay men having children.


I’ve seen how rewarding it can be to give your children joy, opportunities and courage - but I’ve also seen how tiring and pressured raising children can be! For all those men who are there for their children and their families every single day - these holiday destinations are for you!”


Get Involved with Holidays4Men


If you have experiences to share taking your family on holiday as a gay dad - we’d love to hear from you!


Connect with us via social media or via the Holidays4Men forum (coming soon!). 


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