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   Gay Cruise, Gay Boat & Gay Yacht
Holidays for Men

Gay cruises in Spain

Some of the best gay holidays are away from dry land!

At Holidays4Men, our goal is to find unique gay holiday destinations for the LGBTQIA+ community - and they don’t come more special than adventures on the water! Gay men looking to set sail on a one-of-a-kind adventure have three incredible choices: 


Gay Cruise - Sit back and relax - because on a gay cruise ship everything you could possibly want is within a moment’s reach. Glide from one destination to the next in your floating gay hotel - and enjoy the ultimate luxury, all-inclusive experience. With a range of packages to choose from, a gay cruise can be perfect for a gay trip in a group, gay couples or even your gay honeymoon.

Gay cruises have become dream-like gay vacations for gay men and couples alike. Some even opt for this option for their gay honeymoons, you can too! These are the adventures you need to experience to celebrate your love and friendships with your partner or gay friends. Even if you’re looking to travel alone, this might be the perfect option for you.


Gay Boat - Large cruise ships are not for everyone, but there are plenty of ways to enjoy smaller, more intimate gay boat holidays. A popular option is a gay-friendly river cruise, where you can travel down some of the most popular rivers in the world and take in the sights. The smaller boats used for river cruises still offer a slice of luxury - with restaurants, bars and gyms all on board.


Gay Yacht - For a truly memorable experience, why not consider chartering a yacht? It’s easier than you think to explore Europe’s most exotic sunny destinations on a gleaming white gay yacht. A captain will join you to help you navigate the gorgeous blue waters safely - and will even take you to idyllic, secluded stops along the way.


Whichever type of holiday takes your fancy, you’ll find plenty of gay-friendly destinations below!


Cristian says:


“My first time on a boat was when I was working as a waiter on a river cruise which sailed on the Danube (which flows through lovely Vienna – they city of music), the Mosel and the Rhein (with flows through historical Cologne and Amsterdam), and the Seine (which flows through romantic Paris).


I was so nervous, but also excited, to go and experience life on board a boat. Going to bed (in a tiny cabin!) in one country and waking up the next day in another country was a fabulous experience. I found out that river cruises have more of a family vibe, as you sail on a small ship with no more than 150 passengers.


I had the opportunity to see breathtaking views and picturesque landscapes, taste the most delicious food and wine, discover the cultures of Germany, France and the Netherlands - but I also got to party overnight in some of the most vibrant gay destinations in Europe!


In my time I have also experienced boat trips - and naked boat trips no less! - in the Baltic Sea between Stockholm and Helsinki, as well as the Atlantic Ocean - all truly memorable experiences.”


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