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Your Ultimate Guide to LGBT-Friendly Holidays for Men


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Gay Sunny Places &
Gay Beaches

Sun’s out. Fun’s out. Explore the Best Sunny Gay Places in the world. 


Hold your partner’s hand, swim naked under the shimmering waves of the ocean, and feel the generous and accepting auras of the locals. Sounds appealing, right? Or maybe you prefer the convenience and attractions on offer from a sunny gay resort?


We’ve gathered together the very best sun-soaked, gay-friendly destinations from across the world. Think gorgeous gay beaches (including nudist beaches), places with incredible energy  and - above all - desintations where you can relax and simply be yourself.


From the beaches of Brazil to the islands of Greece - explore gay sunny destinations today

Gay Beach
Beach Bar
Walk on the Beach
Lake at Dusk
Playing in the Sunset

Gay Cities & Gay City Breaks

Bright Lights & Gay Vibes in the Most Vibrant Cities on the Planet

Whether you’re looking for late-night thrills in gay bars & gay clubs, or a laid-back weekend exploring new cultures - city breaks have something for everyone. At Holidays4Men we’re compiling the definitive list of gay city breaks - including some gay cities you’ll know (Berlin, Amsterdam & Barcelona) and some you might not (Monaco, Montpelier & Nice). Whichever gay cities capture your imagination, you can be assured that you’ll feel comfortable in your own skin - whether you travel alone, in a couple or in a group.

City Traffic
City View
Night of the City
City street

Gay Mountains & Gay Ski Destinations

Breathtaking Mountain Holidays - All Year Round


For many gay men, mountain holidays = gay ski resorts. And it’s true there’s something special about hitting the slopes and then heading back to the lodge to relax amongst the LGBTQIA+ community. But mountain holidays aren’t just about snow and skis!


Whether they are covered by a carpet of greenery or blankets of white, mountains can offer a spectacular gay getaway all year round. They can be the perfect place for gay walks - to escape from daily life, to reflect and recharge with renewed positivity. Our mountain holiday destinations are perfect for solo travellers, couples and groups alike.


Browse the best gay ski destinations, gay winter holidays and mountain getaways below.

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Mountain Biker
Man with Helmet
Professional Skier
Mountain Peak


Family-First Getaways Inspired by Our Community


Gay dads - this one’s for you! We’ve been truly inspired by all those dads who raise children of their own, shrug-off judgemental eyes and embrace family adventures. This section is for the many dads out there who deserve to go on incredible holidays for a gay with kids. 


And by the way - there’s plenty of amazing places to see! Whether you’re looking for family beach trips, educational escapes or simply to immerse your family in a new culture - Holidays4Men has the best gay dad holidays for you!


Our guides have everything you need to help make your trip smooth and hassle-free. Start planning your gay dad holiday today.

360522_013866705c6446a38074b84e1cc1cd75_mv2 (1)
Family playing
Young Gay Couple
Celebrating Gay Pride
Tropical Beach Wedding

Gay Cruise, Gay Boat & Gay Yacht

Set Sail on a Unique Multi-Destination Adventure


It’s easy to see the appeal of a cruise: wake up somewhere new everyday - in a stunning floating gay hotel! Gay cruises and gay river cruises are helping men from the LGBTQIA+ see the world surrounded by like minded people. We urge you to consider this truly unique way to travel aboard a gay-friendly sanctuary. 


Many are all-inclusive - and with all the food, drink and activities you need they are perfect for families and groups.  It’s also possible to find a slice of luxury on the water, which is why cruises are a popular honeymoon destinations for gay couples and newlyweds. For the more adventurous, why not try sailing the seven seas as part of a gay yacht experience?


Discover more about the beauty of gliding across the water from one destination to the next. 

7adeb4_52e863fc64cf4dfa802f8203c363e62c_mv2 (1)
Cruise Boat
Cruise Approaching Shore
Cruise Ship
cruise ship in water

Gay Safari

Once-in-a-Lifetime Wild Experiences


For a gay honeymoon couples who enjoy dream beach walks, relaxed sunset naps, and unforgettable wilderness rides - the Safari has it all. What’s more - seeing wildlife doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort! Luxurious cottages and campgrounds are waiting to pamper you the moment you arrive. Start the day with a romantic balloon ride and enjoy a luxurious spa treatment in the afternoon. After a day on the picturesque plains, enjoy a moonlit dinner or a champagne toast at sunset.


safari is truly an unforgettable experience. Find your gay-friendly safari destination today.

Safari Jeeps
Herd of Giraffes

Gay Campervan and Tent

Go Back to Nature with a Night Under the Stars


Camping: the ultimate way to escape our busy lives and get back to nature! In recent years the gay camper holiday has exploded in popularity. What better way to switch off from the demands of the modern world, than in an environment surrounded by like-minded people?

These days - camping doesn’t have to mean sleeping under canvas (although some people love sleeping in a tent!). Why not hire a campervan to stay mobile and explore a larger area? Or take advantage of the cosy huts and - dare we say - luxurious cabins offered at many campsites?

Explore safe, inspiring and memorable gay camping holidays curated by Holidays4Men.

Glamorous Tent
Setting Up Campsite
Glamping Tent
Camping in Mountains

Gay Business & Gay Network

Connect with the Community. Share Experiences. Grow Together


An important part of the vision for Holidays4Men is to provide advice and support for men in the LGBTQIA+ community. In addition to supporting gay men with their travel plans - we also want to use this platform to share experiences launching and growing LGBTQIA+ run businesses.


We want to directly help businesses who want to reach the gay community - who even today can be surprisingly difficult to reach via traditional advertising and promotion. Contact us today to share your business story and find out how we can support you.

Couple drinking champagne
Newlywed Couple
Happy Couple

Gay Events & Gay Festivals

Gay Pride, Gay Christmas Parties - and everything in between!


For those looking for more than just sun, sea and sand from their holidays - welcome to the world of gay events and gay festivals!

Experiences such as music festivals have seen phenomenal growth in recent years - and those curated specifically for the gay community are no different. In addition to this, gay pride festivals and parades have grown in both size and quantity, with huge gatherings taking place in cities all around the world. Luckily for gay travellers - there’s never a wider selection of incredible experiences!

Our guide to best gay events, gay festivals and gay pride events will take you all around the world, and introduce you unique gay experiences you never new existed! Click below to jump right in.

Gay Pride
Celebrating Gay Pride
LGBTQ Flags Center
Pride Parade

Gay Travel App

Holidays4men - First Gay Only Travel App

The newest travel app and so far, the only gay holiday app be launched and I'm so excited.

The gay holiday app ''Holidays4men'' is here to support our community members to find holiday mates.     The gay travel app give you the opportunity to look and find single gay guys or gay couple with same type of holiday interest as you  and make memories together.

To download this app please click on the version you need.

   Holidays4men (iPhone) and android  Holidays4men App  

Your opinion matter to me therefore please any suggestion to improve the app and help out LGBT Community are welcomed.

Mobile App
Egg App
Music Apps

Gay booking site - Newest Gay Booking Platform


A Gay only booking site will make our life simple and easiest, saving time and energy.

Holidays4men is working hard to launch any time sooner

If you have a hotel, motel or any type of gay accommodation even a room in your house and want to rent it let's get in touch!

Keep on eye on us! Thanks you fellas!

Holiday Getaway
Exotic Holiday
Holidays Decorations

Gay Forum

Gay Forum - Our community need us, sharing is caring!

Communication often leads to networking, therefor Holidays4men Forum is here and giving us the freedom to talk free about whatever you think matter for Gay Community.

Travel, Social Life, Hobbies, Sex and Sexuality, ''Come out Stories'', Gay business ideas what thousands other subjects, all are just a click away from you!

As more and more gay guys are single or feel lonely Holidasy4men Forum could be a great alternative to support and hold each other hands when we need. 
This gay forum is all about being yourself, your opinion , your experience the way you see it.
Respect for each other members need to be, please no judgment or hate on other members opinion.

Thank you!

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