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Gay Business & Gay Network

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How Holidays4Men are helping gay-owned businesses connect to their ideal audience

The number of LGBTQIA+ businesses in the UK is increasing day by day. However, while there are programs and learning opportunities designed specifically to help minorities and female business owners, similar programs are not available to LGBTQIA+ owned businesses. At Holidays4Men, we want to change that!


The Opportunity

The LGBTQIA+ community is a large, valuable and growing consumer group. However, surprisingly little is known about this group in terms of consumer behavior. In fact, marketing products and services to this community is a relatively new and not fully understood phenomenon. There is a real need for new platforms that can help gay business owners reach like-minded consumers.


Our Solution

Holidays4Men is a LGBTQIA+ and gay-friendly website that can connect your business with local and global audiences around the world - regardless of size, type, or location.


Our established gay travel website is the perfect platform for the international pride community to advertise their business and connect with their ideal consumers. Business owners also have the opportunity to share their life or business stories, as well as communicate directly with members of the community.


Our overall aim is to create a fair and inclusive advertising environment for the gay business community.


Ready to find out more?

Whether you run a store, a restaurant or a service-based business - Holidays4Men is here to help you take things to the next level. We will market your business intelligently to both international and local audiences, increasing brand awareness and, ultimately, sales.

Contact us today to discover how Holidays4Men can help your gay business thrive.

A Message from the Holidays4Men founder:


“Since I first started Holidays4Men (gradually building the site, creating the content and taking care of the social media) I have been lucky enough to meet many fantastic people who really supported my idea and the business. However, I have also been unfortunate enough to have met people - outright homophobic people - who were the complete opposite of friendly and supportive.

As a fellow gay business owner, I understand the happiness you feel when you meet great people on your business journey, and I also feel your pain and disappointment when people try to put you down because of their homophobia.

That’s why I believe that it’s important to join hands and build a gay network - to help both ourselves and our businesses progress with strength and confidence.

Are you a gay guy who has - or wants to start - a business? You would be more than welcome to share your business and the services you offer on Holidays4Men.”

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