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Gay Events & Gay Festivals

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Celebrate Gay Pride, let loose at a festival, or simply relax and be yourself at one of these unique gay events.

Let’s be honest - when the gay community come together to celebrate, the whole city knows about it! There’s certainly a special and unique energy at gay events and gay festivals. More than anything, it’s a great opportunity to party with like-minded people and make new, lifelong friends. Who knows - you might even meet your future partner!


Gay Pride events are the most well-known LGBTQIA+ celebrations - and are held throughout the world. These incredible events see the gay community come together to make their voices heard and fight for equal rights. You’ll find some of the very best gay pride festivals in our list below.

But there are also a wide range of other gay events to enjoy! These include gay music festivals, gay parades and even gay Christmas parties! You’ll find all of these and more on our list below - including gay wedding businesses, to help you plan the most important event of all!

Cristian says:


I always say, wherever and whenever you choose to fly the rainbow flag - do so in a way which lets you live your best life! There are few better opportunities to do this than at gay events.


My own favourite cities for gay events and pride events are places like London, San Francisco, Tel Aviv and Gran Canaria. But there are plenty of others!


You could check out the music festival ‘’La Demance’ in Brussels - with plenty of hot guys and 3 days of fun, it’s a great opportunity to let loose!


Perhaps you’re looking for a more active experience? There are many different ‘Gay Ski Week’ events throughout the winter months - including European Gay Ski Week, Aspen Gay Ski Week and others.


Of course - there are also some of the best gay events and gay festivals in the world to choose from. Fetish Week in Berlin or Paris, Gay Bear Weekend, Folsom Festival - the list goes on! Our aim is to continually add to this page so that it becomes THE hub to discover more about all of these incredible events.


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The gay events and gay festival calendar is growing all the time! If you have an event you would like us to include in our guide, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!


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