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Gay Mountains & Gay Ski Destinations

Gay winter holiday and ski resorts

Memorable gay getaways for all four seasons

Mountain ranges provide a stunning backdrop to some truly memorable gay holidays - at any time of year! In fact one of the best things about mountain holidays is quite how much they have to offer, no matter when you visit. Let’s break down what you can expect from your mountain adventure depending on when you visit:


Autumn & Winter


Mountains have long been the home of unforgettable gay winter holidays thanks to their incredible gay ski resorts. Now, with a growing number of gay-friendly mountain destinations, men everywhere have the opportunity to embrace everything that makes gay ski holidays so good - from exciting jumps and thrills on the slopes, to relaxing Après ski vibes as day turns to night

Spring & Summer

A gay trip in the mountains may be a little quieter in the Spring and Summer - but there’s no shortage of experiences to be found. Spend some time to think and reflect on rambling gay walks, take a gay campervan trip through valleys, or get adventurous by trying out summer activities such as wild swimming, ziplining or zorbing. 

No matter what time of year you intend to visit, explore Holiday4Men’s hand-picked gay mountain and gay ski destinations below. We’re confident you’ll find a safe, comfortable destination for unforgettable gay vacation

Cristian Says:


“Personally, the mountains have never disappointed me. No matter which season I visit, I am always pleasantly surprised. Yes - skiing or mountain walks require a bit of effort, but there’s nothing more satisfying than feeling like you’ve “completed” the mountain!


I’ve been fascinated by mountains since studying them in geography all those years ago - and I’ve also worked a winter season in the Austrian alps, where I saw for myself the energy, peace and positivity to be found there no matter whether it snowed or not.


But the best thing about mountain holidays? Hiking! There’s no better feeling than reaching the top of a mountain - it quite simply makes you believe that anything is possible.”


Mountain holidays are your opportunities to travel to incredible places surrounded by gorgeous and breathtaking landscapes!


Our  destinations are perfect for solo travellers, couples and groups alike. 


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