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Brighton - The best gay family holiday destination in England


A  family holiday is an excellent opportunity for adding uniqueness; it is also about making memories once our kids grow, with pleasure to remember about their childhood.

Gay parents, like any other parents, will give their best to make the children happy and enjoy maximum the holiday. Therefore I believe Brighton could be one of the destinations where you and your kids will never get bored.

When lovey weather comes, the beach is just a few steps away from the promenade andy maybe from the hotel, making life parent easier if the kids will change their mood. 

On the beach, luckily for gay dads, minigolf, and amusement parks with plenty of Maschine are ready to entertain the kids and bring them on a magic world at a very accessible price (about $3 for one ride/ 1-3minutes); please see the pictures attached.

Restaurants and terraces, ice cream shops, and souvenir shops placed along the promenade will make the family holiday more beautiful and enjoyable.

Brighton is also an excellent place for shopping if you feel the need or forgot something at home and need to buy.

In the evening, Pier Palace will offer you many restaurants for dinner and a fabulous view of the city and the sea., amusement park also opens in the evening.

If we add that Brighton has excellent train and road connections with 
many parts of the country, this may make you think why not, let's give it a try... you wouldn't be disappointed.

Before we book a holiday or a flight, check if we need a holiday visa or a transit visa (if we're not sure), just to have as little as possible unpleasant situation. The best you can check is on your embassy ( the origin of your passport), but other sites will also give you some ideas of how strong your passport is for free visa traveling; please check here.

I wish you a beautiful family holiday!



Brighton is such an open mind place when it comes to LGBT+ that every hotel will be happy to welcome you (i think).

Few things before you book the hotel may make the holiday even more enjoyble :

  • Some hotels offer breakfst included (therefor will give you more time to relax and enjoy)

  • Location (near the promenade/Pier Palace)

  • Some hotels have an extra sofa (included in the price), why not everyone to sleep better and relaxed ,redy for the next day.

Check out some of the websites I included below for some accommodation options. You can even check out the popular gay accommodation that is the first on the list:

1. Misterbandb


3. Agoda

4. Hostelworld


6. Expedia

7. Wotif

8. Hostelbookers

9. Lastminute

10. Kayak

If you need more help, please contact me!


In this section, the best places for gay families will be AMUSEMENT PARKS, Pier Palace. Then, walk around the promenade where you will have plenty of places to relax, enjoy, and lough.


Brighton is very close to London (about 55 miles 75 km). Therefore you can use any London airports if you decide to fly ( Gatwick the closest one).

The Central Station in Brighton is not far from the seaside and '' gay district'', maybe about 15 - 25 min walk.

From London or other parts of the country to Brighton, you can use public transport (generally works very good) such as trains, buses. If you book in advance your tickets, they have very affordable prices.

If you decide to travel by car, you can call your hotel to ask for a parking place (the ones in the public area are a bit expensive, GBP3-5/h).

Have a safe journey!


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