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Best Gay Beaches in Europe

Our definitive guide to gay holiday destinations simply had to include gay sunny places, gay beaches and gay resorts! With so many destinations to choose from - where should gay men start? It’s all about the type of sunny holiday you want.


It’s true, gay men love a sunny destination! When they include a gay hotel, cocktails, beach clubs, gorgeous seafood, tanning - it’s easy to see why. There are plenty of destinations that provide all this on top of the opportunity to throw yourself into the local gay scene and gay nightlife. Gran Canaria, Mykonos and many others deliver this in spades.


But that’s not the only type of sunny holiday gay men want. Plenty of destinations in the Holidays4Men gay sunny places guide make it effortless to combine lazy beach days with cultural excurions and even exploring the natural beauty of the coastline.

Whether you’re looking for fun-filled frolics by the beach or a relaxed seaside escape - jump into our favourite gay sunny destinations below (bathing suit not always necessary!).

Cristian Says:


“After many years exploring the world, I’m spoilt for choice trying to tell you my favourite sunny beach destinations. When you’re thinking about your own holiday - why not consider a nudist beach? Perhaps it’s not for everyone, but spending the day at a nudist beach is a uniquely liberating experience - all the time safe in the knowledge that, by definition, you are among like-minded people!


Outside of this consideration, most people will want to think about what type of beach they want to visit:


Sandy Beaches - Let’s face it, all the iconic beaches of the world are sandy. Among the most incredible sandy beaches I have visited are Maspalomas (Gran Canaria) and Miami Beach.

Pebble Beaches - They can be a little less comfortable, but in my experience it’s the pebble beaches that are home to the most breathtaking views. I have rarely seen such beautiful landscapes, with great water for swimming, like those I found at a gay beach named Saint Laurent (Nice-France).


Rocky Beaches -  A great example of a destination that helps you truly escape day-to-day life is a rocky beach named Mont Rose Beach. I discovered it during COVID no less, when we could all use an escape!


Me personally? I love sandy beaches, laying for hours on a towel, swimming, taking a nice walk in the evening and enjoying the cool breeze. Perfection.”


Get Involved with Holidays4Men


Many beaches throughout the world claim to be the best - and it’s a fiercely debated topic! Let us know which beaches and gay sunny places have left a lasting impression for you.


Connect with us via social media or via the Holidays4Men forum (coming soon!).

My fellow gay men, this is our time to be comfortable, relaxed, and adventurous. Take a seat, grab a pen and paper, and start planning your next gay holidays with some of these excellent gay sunny holiday destinations.


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