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Gay caravan holiday

From gay camping holidays in the UK, to camping and campervan adventures further afield in Europe - there have never been more choices available for gay men who want to pitch-up and chill-out. Our hand-picked camping destinations include remote countryside escapes, idyllic coastal escapes and quiet woodland spots.

We often get asked - should I choose to camp at one site or embark on a gay campervan adventure? Our answer is: it’s a personal choice! There’s no doubt that a campervan gives you more mobility, but some people just love the feeling of sleeping with nothing but canvas between them and the stars.

If you’re undecided - it’s not a problem! All our gay camper holiday destinations offer incredible experiences, whether you’ve packed your tent or driven your campervan.

Cristian says:

“My first time staying in a tent was a strange, but joy-filled, experience. We just were a few crazy people driving around in two cars and looking for a unique night in the countryside. We pitched our tent between a creek and the road (that same creek was the only way we could bathe and wash ourselves!). Then we simply had a few drinks, sung under the stars and around the little campfire we’d lit - and eventually fell asleep out in the wilderness (ok, so I don’t remember the whole night... conveniently.)

My second experience camping was also a memorable one -

for quite different reasons! After a long, 10 hour drive we were so tired and still hadn’t reached our destination. So with no lights on the road to guide us, we found a field, put up the tent and instantly fell asleep in the pitch black darkness.


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