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Tel Aviv - The best gay spot in the Middle East?


Would you like to know how gay is Tel Aviv? are there any gay beach in Tel Aviv or nearby? How is gay nightlife in Tel Aviv?

Well, this page is perfect for answering your curiosity about gay holidays, gay nude beaches, and nightlife in Tel Aviv!

Best Gay Beaches in Tel Aviv:

  1.  Hilton Beach

2. Ga'ash Beach - Gay Naked Beach near Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv was a pleasant surprise, and it is a beautiful memory now for me, who I think at least once in my life I think should be visited

A place where the gay community is well integrated into society, a safe city both as a gay and as a human being (from my own experience and my own opinion).

What can Tel Aviv offer us?

- Hilton beach - is the most popular and well-known gay clothing spot in Israel.

A beautiful and relaxing place with soft clean sand (quite busy during the weekend), surrounded by a nice restaurant and bar next to you.

 The beach is beautifully arranged with sunbeds and umbrellas, showers, changing rooms, and safe boxes.

The sea is just right to revive you from time to time from the strong rays of the sun.

At the shore, the water is not deep, and the entrance is smooth but pays attention to the stones and rocks that you can sometimes find.

- Old Town Jaffa - a place that sends you back in time many centuries ago. A paradise for those who love art and gallery with narrow and winding but glittering streets.
From here you will have a wonderful view over the city with modern buildings mixed with the old ones on one side and the sea with long beaches on the other side.

- Carmel Market and Jaffa Market

- Walks on the beach/promenade (if you are lazy you can opt for an electric scooter) are great. Whether you go to relax, listen to the waves of the sea early in the morning or admire the splendid night panorama, I don't think you'll regret it.

Gay nightlife in Israel is modest with a few LGBT bars + friendly, gay sauna around Carmel Market.
 However in general the nightlife in Tel Aviv is very vibrant with bars and clubs open until morning, and people playing beach volleyball late at night.

Gay cruising area in Tel -Aviv?
Of course, there is one of the most popular

1 . Independence Park just above Hilton Beach
2. Nordau Beach in the evening. It is the beach that separates the two beaches Hilton beach / Dog Beach and Nordau Beach through a wall.

This lovely gay holiday destination could be perfect for gay singles and couples who want to relax and enjoy life in one of the safest gay holiday destinations.

Indeed it is an overpriced city but let's say it's worth it once in a lifetime. It's so different!

For those who have more time available, a day trip to Jerusalem or one overnight is definitely worth it too.

Content for Jerusalem will be soon.

Have a lovely time in Israel!



Gay men-only hotel or accommodation so far I looked and checked does not exist. However, as is a very gay-friendly city no need to worry about it.

 Good to keep in mind that the gay beach (Hilton Beach is quite far walking distance) from the gay nightlife


Below are listed some of the most popular gay bars 

  1. Shpagat - and one of the most popular gay nightlife spots in Tel- Aviv

2. MASH Central - 


Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Internation Airport and the main in Israel have thousand of international flights.

This airport is well connected by trains to and from Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem (direct train).

Once you exit the airport on the left-hand side is the train which can take you to the city, and the journey is less than 30 min for Tel-Aviv and 1h for Jerusalem.


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