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Rio de Janeiro - Gay Paradise in South America


Carioca is Rio de Janeiro

Easy to love, hard to leave, Rio de Janeiro is also called "Cidade Marvilhosa" because it is an authentic place of beauty. Its most famous image is not a photo, but a song: "Garota de Ipanema" the seashore, the city, the surroundings all of that is Rio de Janeiro, I proudly say it is truly one of my favorite gay-friendly places on Earth! Ipanema is the place to be. 

This neighborhood is famous for its incredibly photogenic beach. It also has some of Rio's best gay bars, nightclubs, fine dining, shopping, and culture. 

Every time I land in Rio, I feel the happiness and welcome by the local smile, realizing that the people there have this easy-going way of living. But, above all, knowing that you will thoroughly enjoy their city is finally a dream comes true. 

Being Gay there is not a problem at all, and I will say that you are more than welcome! 

The Copacabana and Ipanema are the most famous beaches in the world. They are  easy to access, walking or stopping by a little café next to the beaches for a beer or fresh coconut water while you observing the boys playing volleyball or doing fitness is a happy moment for sure. Copacabana and Ipanema will then deliver their secrets. Close your eyes, and you are there. 

Fame Gay Beach is located in Ipanema. Its nickname is "Barbie Land," a term used to describe the beautifully buff and polished men that parade this beach. However, be careful using this term in the city; some men may find it offensive. 

The gay section of the beach is clearly flagged with countless rainbow banners and gorgeous Brazilians in tiny speedos. If that is not obvious enough, look for posto (lifeguard towers) 8 and 9; the gay beach is between here.  A great place to live your tall, tan young, and lovely fantasy.

If you want to play harder with some locals, you can go to a popular gay cruise bar located in central Rio. "Seven" features' showers and private cabin facilities. If this is not enough, why not going to a Sauna?  The iconic gay sauna is in the heart of Rio de Janeiro's gay district, Ipanema. Facilities include private cabins, a fitness room, a video room, a bar, a dark room, and a steam and sauna room. Relax and enjoy a massage after a long night of exploring the local bars and clubs or spend the evening at this sauna after a day of sun-soaking on the famous beaches nearby.

Leblon is the most fashionable beach; its wonderful park and Botafogo offer a unique view of Sugarloaf Mountain and beautiful sunsets. Barra da Tijuca and São Conrado beaches are perfect for surfing, and Joatinga is undoubtedly the most secret. Among the many beaches, there are also the quieter ones, such as Praia da Reserva and Praia de Fora.

In my opinion, the Rio Botanical garden is another exuberant place to visit. Walking along the alleys, getting lost in between the trees, feeling the freshness of the area, taking photos of the Greenhouse where many kinds of Orchids are blooming, sitting on one of many benches is an absolutely inspiring quality moment. 

If you want to escape from Ipanema and Copacabana, there is a Restaurant that you may want to go to. The Rubaiyat at the hippodrome is an enjoyable place, out of the box for a great diner moment where you may meet a jockey. For sure, this is a gay-friendly place; in fact, is the place I love to go with friends. 

After all the quality time either at the beach or with friends, let me tell you that you will not regret it at all as Brazilians always go out in small groups and it always ends partying until the early morning…experience has done.

You may want a hotel and Rio do Janeiro, and I strongly recommend choosing one facing the beach with a rooftop bar and swimming pool, perfect for refreshing yourself at night. Some of them have an outside jacuzzi, and who knows who you may meet in there?  I strongly recommend looking after hotels that are located around the "posto 8 and 9 at the iconic "Rua Farme de Amoedo gay strip in Rio de Janeiro's Ipanema neighborhood.
Rio's biggest and best gay dance club is known as "The Week Rio" it is absolutely giant; in fact, it is the biggest in the entire world apart from its sister venue, "The Week Sao Paulo. This is an unmissable destination if you are visiting Brazil. There are two different stages, countless bars, an outdoor terrace, and even a swimming pool. 
Finally, remember to let your senses guide you because Rio is magic, in Rio, people love to have fun, and it is quite common to share 5 minutes on the bench, talking with anyone and laughing together; every minute is an experience! divirta-se!

Buzios - the most flirtatious destination in the country.

Buzios is a friendly and safe place for a gay vacation for its hospitality and because it has an abondance of gay guesthouses. At 200 kilometers away east from Rio, Buzios and its 23 beaches are another place to chill out for an extended weekend for gays vacations. It is a place to relax, sunbathe on its beautiful beaches, go on a relaxing catamaran tour, and party all night long. 

This old fishing village has several adventures to offer to those who come in search of beaches, nature, sports, and nightlife.  The climate is warm and mild. The winds and its special topography make it an atypical beach because it rains truly little. When it is raining in Rio de Janeiro, it is likely to be sunny in Buzios.

The Pousadas are the stylish little house/proprieties, which still includes rustic and handcrafted materials such as wood even in general commerce such as restaurants. The very entrance portico of the city exhibits the architectural trademark. Pousadas hotels by the beach really make this place lovely and unique. Buzios have plenty of gay-friendly establishments like "Casa Brancas' "Lestada," "Perola Buszios" around Joao Fernandinho Beach. 

Snorkeling, surfing, biking the charming little center, renting a boogie car, walking to experience the old fishing place in the Peninsula during the day are some of the activities you can enjoy.

 Decades ago, the resort became sophisticated and gained fame due to its fascination with its lifestyle and lively nightlife.  The former fishing village entered the route of the international jet set after a visit of the actress Brigitte Bardot in the 60s. Today, the seaside resort is one of the most flirtatious destinations in the country.

Have a great holiday!



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