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Reykjavik - A great spot for gay nature lovers


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Reykjavik is the capital city of Iceland and the country’s #1 gay friendly destination - thanks mainly to a lack of other big cities in this sparsely populated country.

Iceland has a reasonably big surface area (about 103.000 km²) but has less than 400,000 residents. This quiet island, situated between Atlantic Ocean and Artic Ocean, has become a more and more popular destination for gay travellers.

Reykjavik is a small, cute capital city with a lovely promenade which looks out onto a breathtaking landscape with snow-capped mountains that rise up from the middle of the ocean.

The city has a very relaxed atmosphere and the rainbow flag is proudly displayed in shop windows, drawn on the street, or anchored to different parts of the city. Gay travellers are made to feel very welcome in Reykjavik - and Iceland is welcoming of everyone, not matter how they identify themselves.

Holding your partner by the hand or even kissing a guy on the street are just natural things. In Iceland, anybody can live their life to the fullest.

Things to do in Reykjavik

The city may be small, but there are a whole load of one-of-a-kind sights and attractions to be found in Reykjavik and the surrounding area.

The Reykjavik travel card is a 1, 2 or 3 day pass which gives you free public transport and free entrance to the museums and geothermal baths within the city. These include:

  • Reykjavík City Thermal Pools

  • Reykjavík Zoo and Family Park

  • Reykjavik City Buses

  • Reykjavík City Museum – Árbær Open Air Museum

  • Reykjavík City Museum – Maritime Museum

  • Reykjavík City Museum – Museum of Photography

  • Reykjavík City Museum – The Settlement Exhibition

  • The Reykjavík Art Museum – Ásmundarsafn

  • The Reykjavík Art Museum – Hafnarhús

  • The Reykjavík Art Museum – Kjarvalsstaðir

  • The Culture House admission

  • National Gallery of Iceland

  • National Museum of Iceland

  • Sigurjón Ólafsson Museum

  • Ásgrímur Jónsson Collection

Popular Attractions & Experiences
Take a walking tour ( The tour takes around two hours and is very enjoyable. You will see the best of the city and also get to know a little more about the culture and history of Iceland. Tips are not mandatory, but since the walking tour is free, the guides will appreciate them!
Enjoy the beautiful landscape by taking a self-guided walk along the promenade. Although the promenade isn’t long, allow 1-2 hours for extensive photograph taking!
Experience the ‘’Sky Lagoon’’ - a fabulous place to relax in thermal water with gorgeous views. The Sky Lagoon offers 3 different types of ticket, ranging from entrance-only tickets to more extensive packages. Highly recommended for couples, the peaceful, romantic and unforgettable setting will see you swimming in the shallow waters and admiring the beautiful ocean view.  Thinking of popping the big question? There are few more memorable places to do it! You can even buy a bottle of champagne to complement the special occasion!
Blue Lagoon – Iceland’s most famous lagoon is one of the most popular attractions on the island, but that doesn’t take away from the feeling of relaxation when swimming in the vast, calming and surprisingly warm waters.
Marine Life Trip (about 3h) - Iceland is renowned for its wildlife. Boat tours departing from Reykjavik provide the opportunity to see whales, dolphins and puffins in their natural habitats.
Golden Circle - This is one of the most popular road trips in Iceland (and one that I personally loved!). On this trip you will have the opportunity to see some of iceland’s jaw-dropping beauty, including:
Thingvellir National Park
Geysir Geothermal Area
Gullfoss Waterfall
Glacier Lagoon (It’s not every day you see a glacier!)
A whole host of other spectacular sights including the black sand beach, towering mountains, picturesque villages and incredible waterfalls
Bellow you can find a link which offer plenty of trips and excursions in Iceland, and you wouldn’t believe (my own experience) viator giving you to book and pay later with no extra fees (at least is a score check automatically for UK gay guys based). I’m not encouraging you to do, I just show you what I have discovered and did.

Eating & Drinking in Reykjavik

Reykjavik is the home of delicious Fish and Sea Food, which comes directly from the waters surrounding the city.
Most of the restaurants are in the center, which is a walkable distance from any parts of the city.
Be warned that Iceland can be a very expensive place to eat. A full meal out can easily reach £40 per person, fast food £20, with a beer or cocktail at £10 (keep a lookout for Happy Hours, where drinks can be found at half price!).

Gay Nightlife In Reykjavik

With it being such a small city, Gay night life in Reykjavik is quite low-key. There are 2 LGBT+ friendly spots in the center area:
Kiki Queer – A mix between a bar and club which opens at the end of the week.
Kiki Queer is a small venue which can get crowded after midnight. It welcomes a mix of all types of people who are ready to dance and party until early in the morning.
Bravo – This gay-friendly bar has a relaxing atmosphere and sometimes hosts Karaoke in the evenings. It has a great selection of beers!
IMPORTANT: Happy Hours are common in Reykjavik and finish at around 8pm. Drinks such as beer can be found at half price (750 ISK or about £5). It’s definitely worth taking advantage of them!
There are currently no gay-only bars, saunas or accommodation in Reykjavik, however the city in general welcomes gay travellers. Nor are there cruising spots.


Many people already know that Iceland is one of the most expensive countries to visit. From what I have experienced, this is absolutely true! Be sure to budget carefully before and during your trip.






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