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Reykjavik & Surrounding Areas – A unique gay family with kid’s holiday destination


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Iceland’s capital city Reykjavik is the starting point for a truly unique holiday for gay families with kids.

Start things off steady by soaking up Iceland’s unique culture in one of Reykjavik’s museums, or head for a relaxing dip at one of the world-famous lagoons (the Sky Lagoon or the Blue Lagoon). Many people choose to head straight to the hot natural springs as soon as they arrive from the airport!

It may be the capital city, but Reykjavik is easily navigable on foot. Strolling through the quiet streets and experiencing the relaxed vibe is a great way to soak up Icelandic culture.

You only need a day or so to see the best of Reykjavik, so it won’t be long before you set your sights on exploring everything else Iceland has to offer. It’s possible to book a guided tour, but renting a car or campervan gives you the freedom to explore this unique island at your own pace.

Navigating Iceland’s ring road (the only major road in the country!) is made even more magical in a campervan. There are plenty of places to park your campervan overnight - and you’ll be staying right in the heart of some of the most spectacular landscapes on earth. What’s more, you don’t need to worry about checking in and out of Iceland’s pricy accommodation - and you can stop to admire the scenery as little or as often as you like.

On your road trip, the whole family will be entranced by towering waterfalls, vast lagoons, jet-black beaches, beautiful mountains and - if you’re lucky - the incredible Northern Lights! At certain times of year, it barely gets dark in Iceland; which is itself a memorable experience for children and adults alike.

Iceland is adored by geographers everywhere and there’s no doubt that your children will learn about some of its natural wonders at school - so why not take the opportunity to show them these places in real life? Relaxing, exciting AND educational? Sometimes Iceland seems too good to be true.

Quiet, remote and peaceful - a gay holiday in Iceland represents a unique opportunity to disconnect from the stresses of the world and recharge your batteries by taking in the wild landscapes and vast green areas of the land.

For even more information about Reykjavik itself, please Click Here.

Iceland’s Ring Road

The most popular route for exploring the country and seeing some of 
the most famous attractions is to follow the Ring Road.
You’ll explore the entirety of the island from the South Coast to magical Eastern Fjords, and out towards the Arctic Coast and the stunning Snæfellsnes Peninsula. The route takes around 10-14 days to complete in total.

The Golden Circle

The shorter - but still unbelievably beautiful - Golden Circle and South Coast route takes around 2-4 days to complete and stops at: Thingvellir National Park with it’s breathtaking beauties, Geysir with the fabulous mini eruptions, the Gullfoss Waterfall, the the Skaftafell Nature Reserve and the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon. (I have done this tour myself and loved it! You can see some of my pictures in the Gallery). A great relaxing route with magical views and you can stop for admiring where you want. (maybe 2-4 days)

Alternative Routes

Families have an extensive choice of alternative routes to select from when they visit iceland. You can find more popular Icelandic road trips HERE.

Holidays4men is wish you asn enjoyble holiday!






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