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Pattaya - A popular gay holiday destination in Asia


Pattaya City is the gay place to go to if you’re looking for a great night of drinking, partying, swimming, socializing, meeting other gay men, and leaving all your problems behind. Similar to Phuket’s Paradise Complex, Pattaya City has the Jomtien Complex which is geared towards gay travellers. The Jomtien Complex comes in 3 sections. The first two sections will suit gay men who love partying and sexy bars while the third section is for those lovely gay boys who are just looking to have a chill night of drinking and chatting.

1. Jomtien Beach – Pattaya City is most famous for its wondrous gay beach that is quite popular within the sex industry. It is home to plenty of luxury hotels at affordable prices, restaurants, and bars that are open until late at night. On Jomtien Beach, there is a special gay spot where gay men can be served by beach boys who sell snacks, drinks, sunbeds, and offer great massages. Don’t be shy and give it a try! If you need help looking for it, just search for the big rainbow flag at Dongtan Spot. The beach comes with very affordable prices, a wide array of street food, where you could enjoy a lovely walk by yourself or with a partner, and the landscape around you that gives you wondrous views from sunrise to sunset. If you’re curious what kind of gay men head to this resort, it is mostly visited by middle-aged or older adults.

If you’re looking for a destination for your gay holidays and want it to be filled with beautiful boys, drinking, and the sun, then take a trip to Pattaya City and, believe me, you won’t want to leave.




Pattaya City is a wondrous location filled with gay-friendly accommodation for your gay holidays to take its proper shape and form. In this city, you would feel extremely comfortable and safe because you would be surrounded by men who are from your community. 

It, truly, is a gay destination for those looking to escape for a moment.

1. Baan Souy Resort

This gay resort is just what you need if you only want to be surrounded by men, I mean isn’t that every gay man’s fantasy? Baan Souy is an 18-minute walk to Jomtien Beach and is surrounded by gay bars and nightlife.

2. Lonops Gay Paradise

 You can see it from the name! A gay paradise just for gay men. This gay resort is right on Jomtien Beach so, it’s just a tiny walk to the water!

Below are some useful websites where you can look and book accommodation. Check out the first link as it is the most popular gay accommodation platform.

1. Misterbandb


3. Agoda

4. Hostelworld


6. Expedia

7. Wotif

8. Hostelbookers

9. Lastminute

10. Kayak

If you need more help, please contact me!


If you’re looking for a raunchy and sexy night out, Pattaya City is where you need to go. It’s the perfect gay destination for all you gay travellers who are just looking for a good time.

 Here, we are based in Jomtien Complex which, as I mentioned before, has 3 sections. When you explore, see what you like and what piques your interest.

1. Castro Bar

 From the incredible shows to the gay boys to the lovely cocktails, the Castro Bar is the place you need to go to during your gay holidays.

2. Boyz Boyz Boyz

 Another raunchy place with many amazing shows, boys, boys, and, yes, more boys.

Have fun!


The most common way tourists usually head to Pattaya is also the least expensive. You need to fly into Bangkok’s International Airport and head to the Transport Center to take the shuttle that heads to Pattaya. 

There is a bus every two hours and will take you about an hour and a half to get to the amazing center of this gay destination.

Below are some of the best airlines which connect Europe to the world:

  1. British Airways - U.K National Airline

2. Lufthansa - National German Airline

3. Air France - National French Airline

4. KLM - National Dutch Airline

5. SWISS - National Swiss Airline

Some of the most useful sites to book flights are:

1. Skyscanner

2. Kayak

3. Lastminute

4. Momondo

5. Opodo

If you need more help, please contact me!

Have a safe journey!


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