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New York - One of the greatest gay city in USA


When I recommend New York City as the ultimate gay destination, I really mean it. This incredible place is worthy of the title “The City that Never Sleeps.” The gorgeous lights of the buildings that are on 24/7, the sounds of people walking the streets in the dead of night, and the loud music that makes the entire city a lifelong party, these are just a few things you will experience when you get to New York City.

When it comes to the many sights to see and places to visit, New York does not come short. During my travels, I was only there for a few days and had to cram an entire itinerary into that time. I still have not seen everything so I had to go a second time. So, plan your trip accordingly and make sure you jot down some of the most important places to see. This gay destination is home to some of the world’s most famous areas such as Times Square, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, the Natural Museum of History, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Central Park, the Empire State Building, and Rockefeller Center. All these places will take you days to explore and they aren’t even a third of what New York City has to offer.

New York City has tons of neighbourhoods that are dominated by the gay presence because of all the gay bars and clubs that are there. Greenwich Village and Hell’s Kitchen are some of the most popular areas where the gay community tends to gather. You need to check them out because there is no doubt that you would feel so comfortable walking the streets.

If you are here in the summer and are craving a beach, New York has a few options for gay, nude beaches. Even though it was surprising to not find a ton of options for gay beaches, it’s New York! Everything here is considered gay-friendly. I would recommend these two beaches below:

1. Gunnison Beach – This nude beach is a bit far from New York and it is, technically, in New Jersey. It will take you around an hour and half by car. It is a lovely place where you can feel free, swim in the nude, and enjoy the sun with tons of members of the gay community around you.

2. Jones Beach – Another beach that is quite far from New York City. It’s an hour away by car heading to Long Island. This popular beach has a queer area and a very famous cruising area that has been alive since the 1940s.
When it comes to the gay life, you really can’t go wrong with New York City. It is the city of dreams, the place you will see Drag Queens walking down the street so casually. You never have to worry about showing your true colours in NYC, I have never felt safer and freer. If I wore very flamboyant clothes, I never had to worry about judging eyes. It truly is a very open-minded place.
If you’re looking for more amazing things to visit while you’re in New York, you need to check out the High Line, the Top of the World, Wall Street, Dumbo in Brooklyn, Bryant Park, and the Central Train Station.
Keep reading below to find out some of the best options for hotels, gay bars and clubs, and ways to get to New York City.

Thanks Sami A.F. for pictures, and sharing your experience.

I hope you have a lovely gay time!



Even though there are no hotels that are only for gay men, New York City, as a whole, is known as gay-friendly. Every hotel in the main areas is automatically labelled as gay-friendly. There are some great options for hotels that are preferred most by the gay community:

1. Hotel St. James

This hotel is really close to one of the gayest neighbourhoods in New York City, Greenwich Village. It’s one of the top gay-friendly choices because Times Square is, literally, a block away.

2.  Hotel Central Park

Super close to some of the hottest attractions in New York City, 1 Hotel Central Park is a very popular choice for gay travellers. It is not labelled as a gay hotel, but it is one of the most preferred choices for the gay community.

3. The Standard – High Line

Very close to a gay neighbourhood, the Standard is another popular choice for gay-friendly hotels.

Checkout these useful websites where you can book your accommodations. The first link is one of the most popular gay accommodation platforms:

1. Misterbandb


3. Agoda

4. Hostelworld


6. Expedia

7. Wotif

8. Hostelbookers

9. Lastminute

10. Kayak

If you need more help, please contact me!


When it comes to partying, New York City will never disappoint you! There are tons of neighbourhoods with streets of bars, clubs, and incredible gay nightlife that will leave you wanting more when you leave the city. 

Check out some of the options below for an incredible experience:

GayBars and Clubs in Hell’s Kitchen

1. Flamingo Saddle

2. The Ritz Bar and Lounge

3. Vodka and Sodas Bottoms Up

4. Industry Bar

5. Atlas Social Club

GayBars and Clubs in Greenwich Village

1. Ty’s

2. The Monster

3. Boxers NYC– A gay sports bar

Gay Saunas

Surprisingly, New York City is not filled with Gay Saunas but there is one incredible one I’m sure you would want to give it a try:

1. West Side Club

Have fun!


New York City has three major airports, all of them are well-known international airports that have both domestic and international flights. You can read more about them below:

1. John F Kennedy Airport

This is one of the most popular airports used by gay travellers all over the world. This airport is connected to every corner of the world. 

Here’s how to get to Times Square:

- First, you need to get on the AirTrain from Terminal 4 to Jamaica Station. There is a short 2-minute walk to get to the subway.

- Get to Sutphin Boulevard and take the E train that goes towards the World Trade Center.

- You need to get off on 7 Avenue Station and you will be a 6-minute walk away from Times Square

2. La Guardia Airport

Another main airport in New York City, it is pretty easy to get international flights that lead you here. Check out the details below on how to get to Times Square in Manhattan:

- The Airport is connected to the bus station, you need to head to Terminal C or D to access it.

- From there, get on the bus Q70-SBS to Roosevelt Avenue/74th Street

- From the same street, you can access the subway station.

- Get on the F train that is heading towards Rockefeller Center

- You will reach your destination when you reach 47/50 Streets-Rockefeller Center

- Times Square will be a 4-minute walk away.

3. Newark International Airport

This Airport is another major airport but it is located in New Jersey which is around an hour and a half away from New York City by the subway. You can find out the details on how to get to Times Square below:

- From Newark International Airport, you will need to get on the bus to Penn Station, one of the main train stations in the city.

- From Penn Station, get on the A train that is heading towards Inwood-207 Street

- You need to get off at 42 Street/Port Authority

- Times Square will be a 4-minute walk away

You can always choose to go by uber but keep in mind that Ubers in New York City are very expensive!

For travelling to New York below are some of the best airlines:

  1. British Airways - U.K National Airline

2. Lufthansa - National German Airline

3. American Airlines (AA) - Major American Airline

4. Delta Airlines  - Major  American Airline

5. SWISS - National Swiss Airline

Some of the most useful sites to book flights are:

1. Skyscanner

2. Kayak

3. Lastminute

4. Momondo

5. Opodo

If you need more help, please contact me

Have a safe journey!


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