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Madrid is such an exciting city characterized by a total freedom of expression. The weather Walking down the streets you are not going to miss very handsome guys holding hands or kissing. There is absolutely no discrimination towards the LGBTQIA+ community also if you go outside the gay district which by the way is one of the most famous in the world, called Chueca.

Chueca is the gay district where you want to go if you are looking for a night out. You will find countless bars and clubs where you can dance your heart out. You can also enjoy an hilarious drag show with the best drag queens of the country. On a Friday or a Saturday night the district gets so crowded that you don’t even need to get into a club to have fun. You will have a great night just sitting on a bench or walking down the streets crawling with people from any ethnicity, sexual orientation or social class just chilling, chatting and of course, drinking cerveza. Even if you are travelling solo don’t worry, they all are very warm and friendly so it will be very easy to meet new people and have a lot of interesting conversations. A really fun place in Chueca where you want to bring your friends is La Polleria where you will find delicious penis and vagina shaped waffles in any sorts of sizes and flavours.

Talking about sweets, it’s a must to try churros dipped in hot chocolate: it’s absolute heaven. I suggest Chocolateria San Gines, the most famous ad oldest churreria located in the city centre. They open at 6 am and it’s a Madrid classic to go there for breakfast after a crazy night out. For lunch or dinner stop by the incredible San Miguel market where you can taste the finest Spanish traditional food. If you feel like chilling a bit sit in one of the gorgeous bars of the city centre for a drink… one romantic spot is under the porticoes of Plaza Mayor where you get a really nice view of the main square and its regal renaissance buildings. When it’s warm cafes and restaurants they put their tables outside where you can enjoy the weather. Even if it’s the capital and it can get quite frenetic, people of Madrid love to chill, drink, eat and enjoy life.

If you are crazy about shopping you can go to Gran Via, the heart of the city where you will find any kind of brand from Zara to the most luxurious one.

Is football your thing? Real Madrid is one of the most famous teams in Europe and its home is Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. And if you don’t have a ticket for the game you can still enjoy it from one of the vibrant bars in the stadium district. They are characterized by a friendly stuff and welcoming supporters!

If you feel like going to a show you won’t be disappointed. There are many good musicals including “The Lion King” and “Fame”. If you like theatre you should definitely check out the program of Teatro Real where every year very great artists are invited from all over the world. If you like dance in particular you should have a look at the website of  Compañia Nacional de Danzathat regularly performs in the city. You will also find great shows at Teatro Canal. If you are Madrid you just have to visit the incredible museums that this city offers with some of the best masterpieces in the world! El Prado is certainly the most famous one but my favourite will always be the Reina Sofia Museum where you will find breath taking works by Picasso, Dalì and many others. If you get tired of the city life and want to find some peace you can relax in the beautiful park “El Retiro”. Enjoy a walk in the nature or rent a boat at the lake to have the most romantic date with your partner. About the weather, I have been there in September and I have to say, even if I was a bit worried to boil, the temperature was perfect: it was sunny but at the same time not too hot, very enjoyable.

Madrid is the best example of a modern, inclusive society. What I love about this city is that there are no labels and even though you there is “gay district”, it’s not like in some other cities where that is the only place where you can be yourself. At the end you will find straight couples in gay bars, gay guys flirting in straight bars… there is really no distinction, a total freedom and acceptance that you can find only in a few places. It’s hard to explain with words the high that this city gives to you, the only way you can understand is to try it on your skin.

Have a great gay getaway in the capotal of Spain!

Article wrote by Antonio. B (a member of our community)



For the accomodation you don’t have to worry about finding a gay hotel as every hotel in Madrid is gay friendly but here are some specific hotels labelled as gay friendly

Axel Hotel Madrid

Madrid House

Hotel Santo Domingo

Hostal Chueca


Madrid offers the best when it comes to nightlife. There are tons of different bars, clubs, saunas.

Here’s a list with a few of them

Shower & Bar - club

Attack Fun SX – club

Studio 54 – club

El Bulldog – cocktail bar

Barbanarama – bar

Zarpa - bar

LL – bar

LaKama - bar

CenterBeach - sauna

Sauna Paraiso


Madrid’s airport is huge and well connected with a lot of other cities around the world.

It is located 12 km away from Madrid’s city centre and it’s called Madrid Barajas Airport.


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