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Grand Travers Montpellier - Best spot on French Riviera for Gay Families with kids


While you’re here at Grand Travers, you will notice that there are tons of families with children running around, playing in the sand, and creating lovely childhood memories. This destination is perfect for children with a playful vibe and peaceful environment. In my experience, Grand Travers in France is one of the best recommendations I can give for all the gay dads. Not only does it have a portion that caters, specifically, to gay guys, but on both sides of the beach you will see plenty of kids laughing under the warm sun.

The crystal-clear waters of Grand Travers has the perfect temperature for your kids to swim in and I’ve witnessed tons of dads teaching their boys and girls how to swim. It, truly, was a wonderful sight to behold. The white and gold sand of these luscious beaches is incredibly comfortable for dads and children, making it a “must-go-to” place in the spring.

The Grand Travers Beach is really easy to access with a simple bus ride or a taxi from Montpellier. You can find more information about this below in the Transport section of the article. Since it is pretty close to many things in Montpellier, this will give your kids ample time to enjoy the satisfying vibes of the beach.

If you have any questions, please contact me and I’d be more than happy to help you.

I hope you have a blast!



Grand Travers is a lovely, gay beach that is the ultimate destination for gay dads. It is in close proximity to Montpellier, a city which has various options for accommodations. If you’re on a budget, you can find what you’re looking for, or if you want to pamper yourselves and your kids during your gay holidays, Montpellier also has tons of luxurious hotels.

As far as I know, there are no gay hotels that cater to only men, though don’t get discourage. Montpellier is the epicenter of gay life and has tons of gay-friendly accommodations that will make your gay holidays comfortable for you and your kids.

During my travels, I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express and, I have to say, that it was amazingly satisfying. With a double bed and a sofa, it is the perfect choice for a family. It even has a bus stop close to the hotel so you can access the route to the beach. Even though it’s not in a central area, it is easy to head out to the center of the city or the beach.

Check out the links below for some options to book your stays. The first link is one of the most popular websites for finding accommodations for gay men and gay dads:

1. Misterbandb


3. Agoda

4. Hostelworld


6. Expedia

7. Wotif

8. Hostelbookers

9. Lastminute

10. Kayak

If you need more help, please contact me!


The center of the city is lined with towering palm trees, an abundance of restaurants and terraces, and bars to enjoy the local cuisine and an assortment of drinks.

The Odysseum District has a lovely park where your kids have the space to run around and entertain themselves. It is surrounded by Mother Nature’s glorious talents so you could watch them create childhood memories. There are some great options in the area for food as well in case your little bundles of joy get hungry.

When it comes to holidays for gay dads and your kids, I understand how important it is to perfectly plan the trip so that they can be as comfortable as possible. 

My email is always open for any questions you may have. So, don’t hesitate to contact me.


There are tons of places in the city with great options for accommodations. It will depend on where you stay, but this gay beach is easily accessed from the Odysseum, Place de France Tram Station.

Follow the below instructions to get there:

- Take the Number 606 bus to Le Grau du Roi and stop at Petit Travers. It’s only 3 to 5 mins away if you are staying at the Holiday Inn Express

- By bus it will take your around 20 minutes

- You have the option to go by taxi but keep in the mind the price will be far higher

During your gay holidays, I recommend renting a car. It will make your life far easier if you also get the insurance. Though, it is not a must since there are tons of bus routes for you to use.

To reach Montpellier:

- Montpellier has an international airport that is very close to the city, around 7km away. You can check out information about this by clicking this link: Montpellier-Méditerranée Airport

- The airport has domestic flights from Paris, Lille, or Strasbourg, and tons of international flights from the U.K., Greece, Spain, Netherlands, Portugal, and Switzerland.

From Montpellier Airport to the city:

- Take the shuttle number 620

- Taxis are usually more expensive but can be far more comfortable

- You can also use the high-speed trains from cities like Paris or Barcelona to get to Montpellier

Below are some of the best airlines which connect Europe to the world:

1. British Airways - U.K National Airline

2. Lufthansa - National German Airline

3. Air France - National French Airline

4. KLM - National Dutch Airline

5. SWISS - National Swiss Airline

Some of the most useful sites to book flights are:

1. Skyscanner

2. Kayak 

3. Lastminute

4. Momondo

5. Opodo

If you need more help, please contact me!

Have a safe journey!


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