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Festivals - Let's celebrate in a gay vibe

Around the world

Holidays4Men have compiled a list of the biggest, best and most popular LGBT and Pride events from around the world.  For each event you'll find key info, dates and locations.  

Due to COVID19 - dates are subject to change and cancellations or postponements are, sadly, possible. Before you pack your bags, be sure to check with the local organiser.

27th Feb, 2022 Gay Wedding Show London 

 Kamden, London  UK Allowing you   time to chat and chill with some of the best wedding suppliers around who   actively support same-sex marriage, civil partnerships and weddings.       


           6th Mar, 2022 Gay Wedding Show Manchester 

 DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, One Piccadilly Place, 1 Auburn Street  UK It have always proven to be a great - packed with fun, ideas and   vibrancy.  


                     8-14th Mar, 2022 FemFest Brighton 

 Brighton, West Sussex  UK Brighton's female, trans and   non-binary led arts festival celebrating International Women's Day each year.   

                                           10-13th Jun, 2022 Femme Fest  Pike Hall, Nr Matlock  UK FemmeFest is UK's best Music/Dance   festival for LBTQ women.     

25th Jun Two Brewers Street Party 2022

Two Brewers Street Party an annual gay event  in London which bring together thousand of men's ready for partying with  live music, drinking and dancing from early in the afternoon till late in  the evening.  This great event is a good oportunity for meeting other membes of the community and having fun together.

Are you alone and not feeling confident? No worries you're not alone, many other gay mens are the same, just get out of your comfort zone and enjoy the life with other fellas.

                                              8-10th Jul, 2022 Sparkle Weekend   Sackville Gardens, Gay Village  UK Sparkle Weekend is organised by The   National Transgender Charity.         


     9th Jul, 2022 Summertime Live Brighton 

 Brighton Race Course, Freshfield Road  UK A one-day festival experience full   of amazing live music, DJs, food, drinks and an unforgettable orchestral   performance of your favourite dance anthems…                        


    18th Sep, 2022 Gay Wedding Show London Autumn

  Holiday Inn Camden Lock, 30 Jamestown Road, Camden  UK London Gay Wedding Shows have always   proven to be a great, intimate and vibrant shows.     


                                          25th Sep, 2022 Gay Wedding Show Manchester Autumn 

 DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, One Piccadilly Place, 1 Auburn Street  UK Allowing you time to chat and chill   with some of the best wedding suppliers around who actively support same-sex   marriage, civil partnerships and weddings for open-minded couples.                                    

   Milkshake Festival  - Date isn't announced yet

 Amsterdam, North Holland  Netherlands This is in accordance with the new   regulation reached by various trade organizations in the cultural sector, the   Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the Dutch Ministry of   Economic Affairs and the Dutch Authority for Consumers & Markets.                    

             Pinkster Tennis Tournament  Date isn't announced yet

Amsterdam, North Holland  Netherlands We are an official club of the   Royal Dutch Lawn Tennis Association (KNLTB). We have approximately 275 club   members covering all the different gender and sexual identities and   nationalities from all over the world.        


        June, 2022 The Midsummer Canal Festival 

Utrecht, Utrecht  Netherlands  Midsummer gives you the   opportunity to see some of the world’s finest progressive rock bands take to   the stage at the beautiful open air amphitheatre in Valkenburg, The   Netherlands.                              

         July, 2022 The Pink Kermis (Roze Maandag/Pink Monday) 

Tilburg, North Brabant  Netherlands Pink Monday festival in Tilburg   in the southern part of the Netherlands.       


                       White Party 

 Amsterdam, North Holland  Netherlands GAY SPEEDDATE UTRECHT 25-40 JAAR   DATE 20 MANNEN OP ÉÉN AVOND. GAY SPEEDDATE UTRECHT 25-40 JAAR DATE 20 MANNEN   OP ÉÉN AVOND.                                       

    25th Dec, 2022 Pink Christmas

 Amsterdam, North Holland  Netherlands Christmas Day itself is a much   quieter day in The Netherlands, with a Church Service and family meal.                                           

    20th Jul, 2022 Pink Wednesday   

Nijmegen, Gelderland  Netherlands Pink Wednesday is one of the   largest LGBTIQ+ events in the Netherlands! Nijmegen is the rainbow capital of   our country every third Wednesday of July, on the second day of the Four Day   Marches and the fifth day of the Four Days Marches. Pink Wednesday falls on   Wednesday 20 July in 2022.                

            11-13th Feb, 2022 The Outing Festival 

 The Inn at Dromoland, County Clare  Ireland The Outing Festival is a   Not-for-profit Queer Arts, Music & Matchmaking Festival. We welcome   everyone to our festival!                                       

       July - Aug, 2022 GAZE International LGBT Film Festival Dublin 

 Dublin  Ireland It has become Ireland's   largest LGBT film event, and the country's biggest LGBT gathering   aside from Dublin Pride.                                       

       October, 2022 Mr Gay Ireland 

 Dublin  Ireland Mr Gay Ireland is an annual   contest for gay men, with regional heats held   in gay venues around Ireland, with a grand final held in late   October.                                  

         19-26th Mar, 2022 European Gay Ski Week 

 French Alps, Auvergne Rhone Alpes  France European Gay Ski Week, the largest   LGBT+ skiing and boarding event in Europe, will be taking over the resorts of   Arc 2000 and Arc 1950.                                   

          May / June, 2022 Fierté Ours Paris 

 Paris, Ile de France  France IERTÉ OURS PARIS Le   rendez-vous International Bear de Paris proposé par   les Ours de Paris l'association bear parisienne. 

                                             Big Fun 

 Paris, Ile de France  France                                                    

     April - May, 2022 In&Out 

Nice, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur  France A Nice association created in 2009,   Les Ouvreurs organizes and animates interventions in schools, meetings and   training, with adults working in contact with young audiences. A cultural   film event called "IN&OUT" is also organized every year in   Nice, Cannes and Toulon.                             

  April, 2022 Grenoble International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival 

 Grenoble, Isère  France The screening   of films that are rarely distributed in France is   the festival's raison d'être, it also aims to play a part in the   evolution of mentalities in the acknowledgement and respect of differences   with a challenging film selection                         


    July, 2022 Solidays 

Paris  France Solidays is a French annual music   festival that takes place at the Longchamp Racecourse in Paris at the end of   June.                                        


  October, 2022 L'Existrans 

 Paris  France Architectes Sans Frontières. Face   aux inégalités et aux mécanismes de ségrégation et d’exclusion présents dans   l’espace habité en France comme à l’étranger, l’association Architectes Sans   Frontières (ASF) se propose de       


               4-9th May, 2022 Darklands Antwerpen  

 Waagnatie, Rijnkaai 150, 2000, Flanders   Belgium Darklands offers the most amazing   party experiences. New in 2022 are our dance after parties at Club Cargo (Red   & blue) on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night.        


     30th Jul- 6th Aug, 2022  La Demance 

 Brussels, Belgium  Belgium La Demence offers two big   dance floors, one smaller dancefloor on the top floor next to the cruisy   darkroom. Many muscled guys from all over Europe create a steamy mood.                                    

    Jan, 2022 Brussels Gay and Lesbian Film Festival 

Brussels, Belgium  Belgium Enjoy the best of both   worlds: Film & Festival News, exploring the best of   the film festivals community.                                     

         25-28th Aug, 2022 Pink Lake Festival 

Portschach am Worthersee, Carinthia  Austria With the expected visitors from   Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, UK and other countries, this   festival is certain to become a great international event.                               

          October, 2022 MIX Copenhagen - LesbianGayBiTrans Film Festival 

 Copenhagen  Denmark MIX   Copenhagen LesbianGayBiTransQueer+ Film Festival is one of the   oldest LGBTQ+ film festivals in the world.                           

                   Vinokino film festival 

Turku, Helsinki, Tampere, Oulu, Jyväskylä  Finland Vinokino is a film festival in   rainbow colours. As the only film festival in Finland exclusively portraying   stories around sexual and gender minorities, it has a wide range of films –   documentaries, short films, comedies, drama, and more. Most of the films are   in English.                          

     November, 2022 TransHelsinki 

Helsinki  Finland välisenä   aikana. TransHelsinki-tapahtumia järjestävät muun muassa Dreamwear Club   ry, Trasek ry, Trans ry, Non-Binary Voices / Ei-binäärisiä ääniä, Isio ry,   Transfeminiinit ry, Tratu ry, Sateenkaariperheet ry, Amnestyn Internationalin   Suomen osasto ja           

                       1-4th Sep, 2022 Reykjavik Bear  

 Reykjavik  Iceland Reykjavik Bear is run by the cubs   of Bears on Ice and is a natural continuation of the festival which ran for   16 years. Our only goal is to make a beartastic event to unite all bears and   bear enthusiasts of the world to celebrate our community.                            

      January, 2022 Rainbow Reykjavík 

Reykjavík  Iceland We've welcomed guests from   countries all over the world, including the USA, Canada, Germany, France, the   Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Norway to name a few.      

                                  September, 2022 Bears on Ice 

Reykjavík  Iceland It is a friendly social event where   you get you meet and mingle with like-minded guys and make friends from all   over the world.                                        

     December, 2022 Pink December 

Reykjavík  Iceland It is Pink Iceland's LGBT winter   festival.                           

                         March / April, 2022 German Mr. Leather 

 Berlin  Germany We look forward to welcoming you   together with the Berlin community to one of the largest European fetish   meetings.                                             

 June, 2022 Lesbian and Gay City Festival 

Berlin  Germany The Lesbian and Gay City   Festival (Lesbisch-Schwules Stadtfest)   in Berlin is Europe's largest street festival for lesbians and   gays.                                          

    Feb / Mar, 2022 Röschen Sitzung 

 Cologne  Germany Die Künstler*innen der Röschen   Sitzung bringen ein verrücktes Feuerwerk ihrer besten Nummern auf die   Bühne des GLORIA                                        

     The World of SEXY Party Cologne  Germany                                                        

 September, 2022 Run For More Time

 Frankfurt am Main  Germany This year there is unfortunately no   accompanying festival on the Opernplatz - our focus is on the pure run. So   everything stays different – we look forward to seeing you like Bolle! And   the most important thing                    


           September, 2022 Gay Oktoberfest at Bräurosi 

Munich  Germany Los visitantes gays estarán   especialmente servidos en la carpa Bräurosi el primer domingo   del Oktoberfest, cuando esta carpa celebra el Domingo Gay.         


   30th Jul- 6th Aug, 2022 The Cruise   Rome to Athens  Italy The time has come to finally   celebrate the 10th Anniversary aboard the elegant Regal Princess, one of the   best ships at Princess Cruises, a premium cruise line.                                      

    June, 2022 International Gay and Lesbian Filmfestival   Oslo  Norway 

                                                        June, 2022 Skeive dage

Oslo  Norway Oslo Pride er Norges største   feiring av skeiv kjærlighet og mangfold. En ti-dagers festival hvor   alle kan være akkurat den de er           

                                  September, 2022 Stavanger på skeivå   

Stavanger  Norway Stavanger på skeivå Twenty years   young, Stavanger på skeivå is southwest Norway's principal   festival for promoting local and international solidarity, openness,   inclusion and diversity.      

                                 26th Mar - 3th Apr, 2022 Bear Carnival 

Maspalomas, Gran Canaria  Spain Most European LGBT beach   destinations are located in the sunny Spain, such as Sitges, Ibiza and Gran   Canaria. In the latter case, this includes a nice subtropical, summer-like   weather… even in mid Winter!                        

              28th Apr - 2nd May, 2022 SleazyMadrid Centre, Madrid  Spain SleazyMadrid is the most important   electronic music gay fetish festival in Southern Europe, consisting of three   different dates a year.    

                                        6-14th Aug, 2022 Circuit Festival   Barcelona, Catalonia  Spain ircuit Festival means discovering   the best music on earth, meeting with friends from all over the world and   making new ones, celebrating cultural and affective diversity, discovering a   city that has an endless leisure and cultural offer, visiting beautiful   beaches and incredible places… But, above it all, we want Circuit Festival to   be the place where your dreams can come true.                  

   2-11th Sep, 2022 Bears Sitges Week   Bear Village  Spain The Bears Sitges Week (In normal   celebrations) is an event that usually lasts 10 days, we call it Bears Week   since for a week (coinciding with September 11) we open the world famous   Bear-Village in front of the sea.                                    

24th Feb - 2nd Mar, 2022 Sitges Gay Carnival  Sitges, Spain  Spain Sitges Carnival officially begins   when the King of Carnival arrives into town and ends when he leaves on Ash   Wednesday the first day of Lent.                                             

July, 2022 Barcelona Gay and Lesbian Film Festival 

Barcelona, Catalonia  Spain Best Picture Winners Best Picture   Winners Golden Globes Emmys STARmeter Awards San Diego Comic-Con New York   Comic-Con Sundance Film Festival Toronto Int'l Film   Festival Awards Central Festival Central All Events. Celebs.                           

        Mr. Gay Spain 

 Madrid, Spain  Spain La realidad vivida en Madrid dista   mucho de las trabas que Mr. Gay Pride España se ha encontrado   durante los miles de kilómetros recorridos para encontrar a los mejores   candidatos por toda la geografía nacional.                                     

Mad Bear 

Madrid, Spain  Spain MAD. BEAR was born in the autumn of   2001 to promote the bear environment in Madrid and organize the kdd, which,   from that year, would begin to be known by the same name of the association.                                   

   June, 2022 OlaGirls, the Lesbian Mediterranean Getaway 

 Calpe, Alicante  Spain OlaGirls Getaway is an   opportunity for thousands of lesbians, who are older than 35, to share,   learn, have fun and enjoy the Mediterranean culture, climate and   natural surroundings in Calpe (Alicante).                               

       Mr Gay Sweden 

 Stockholm  Sweden Mr Gay Sweden is a beauty   pageant for gay Swedes. The contest is held at Berns in Berzelii Park,   in Stockholm, Sweden.                        

                      Stockholm Gay Skinhead Week 

 Stockholm  Sweden The largest Pride festival of its   kind in Scandinavia. Stockholm Pride is a week-long celebration of everything   LGBT in the pristine streets of Sweden’s capital.                                      

    July, 2022 International Swedish Gay Camp 

Swedish nature site, close to the Baltic Sea  Sweden International Swedish Gay   Camp is a camp for gay and bisexual men held every   summer in a lake-front campsite outside of Stockholm in Sweden.                                        

  September, 2022 Lisbon Gay & Lesbian Film Festival 

 Lisbon, Estremadura  Portugal The Lisbon Gay   & Lesbian Film Festival is one of the most important   European forums of international LGBT film/video.        

                                     22-29th Jan, 2022 Arosa Gay Ski Week 

, Graubunden  Switzerland Hundreds of gay men and women   travel annually to Arosa, Switzerland in January, for the friendly week-long   celebration, supported by locals and the community. Everyone’s invited! Sport   Studs, Lipstick Lesbians, Cute Twinks, Hot Daddies and Keen Snow Bunnies come   together from every corner of the world.    

                       July, 2022 Zurich Lake Crossing 

 Zurich  Switzerland Rainbow Sport Zurich - That's more   than 400 people who keep fit together in over ten sports. For us, the focus   is on community: meet new people who share your interests and enthusiasm for   sports.                              

        31st July, 2022 Jungle Gay Mousse Party 

Lausanne  Switzerland Before blowing out the 10 candles   of the famous Circuit Festival and setting Barcelona on fire, head to the MOA   Club of Geneva to launch the summer festivities.                                  

        5-12th Jun, 2022 Costa Rica Resort

 Andaz Papagayo, Guanacaste  Costa Rica VACAYA Oasis @ Andaz Papagayo   captures the magic of Costa Rica’s pristine natural beauty with breathtaking   views of Culebra Bay as we immerse you in the country’s iconic tropical   rainforest.                           
23-30th Jan, 2022 Whistler Pride and Ski Festival 

Aava Whistler Hotel + Whistler Conference Centre  Canada Join Whistler Pride at the Aava   Whistler Hotel for Whistler Pride 2022. Many of their guests have enjoyed the   warm hospitality that the Aava team is known for.                                     

   10-17th Jan, 2022 Caribbean Cruise 

 Fort Lauderdale, Florida  USA Sailing 7 nights from convenient   Fort Lauderdale on the beautiful and fully-revolutionized Celebrity   Millennium, we’re taking you deeeeeeep into the Southern Caribbean to explore   two of the most idyllic islands in the world – Aruba and Curaçao!                            

     16-23th Jan, 2022 Aspen Gay Ski Week 

 Aspen, Colorado  USA Aspen Gay Ski Week (AGSW) is the   oldest annual, week-long gay ski event in the nation. A model for other gay   ski weeks                                           

  19-23th Jan, 2022 Winter Rendezvous Gay Ski Week 

 The Top Notch Resort & Spa, Vermont  USA Get ready to Grab Your Balls and   Bowl at the opening party, booze it up at the Bonfire Cocktail Reception, get   wet n wild with DJ Keith James at the Pool Party, laugh your ass off with   Dina Martina, raise money for H2B at Drag Bingo with host House of LeMay and   dance like nobody has to worry about Covid-19 at the Blow Out Dance Party   with DJ Steve Sidewalk!                    

   20th Feb, 2022 Gay8 Festival

 Little Havana, Miami  USA Gay8 Festival is the largest   Hispanic, LGBTQ music, food, and art fun fest in the nation with over 60,000   attendees in 2018!                       

                      23-27th Feb, 2022 Utah Gay Ski Week 

Main Street, Park City  USA Utah Gay Ski Week are desperate for   safe ways to come together, as friends and as a community. And participating   in outdoor activities in amazing natural destinations is the safest way to   play at this point.             

                        24-28th Feb, 2022 International Bear Convergence  

Palm Springs, California  USA International Bear Convergence   (IBC) is the premier winter event for Bears in Palm Springs, California,   welcoming thousands of frisky, bears, muscle bears, cubs, chasers, chubs,   admirers & their fans to have the time of their lives!                                 

   1st Mar, 2022 Gay Mardi Gras New Orleans 

French Quarter, Louisiana  USA Gay Mardi Gras is without a doubt   the most outrageous gay and lesbian event in New Orleans, second only to the   annual Southern Decadence Weekend Celebration in the number of gay and   lesbian revellers.                            

         2-8th Mar, 2022 Winter Party Festival Miami  

 South Beach, Miami  USA Winter Party Festival is an annual,   week-long celebration of music, dance, and community, produced to raise   critical funds for the LGBTQ community.                  

                        16-20th Mar, 2022 Mammoth Gay Ski Week 

 High Sierras and Mammoth Lakes, California  USA The 20th Annual Mammoth Gay Ski   Week returns to the High Sierras and Mammoth Lakes, California. Our core   mission remains the same after 18 years: “2,500 riders. 12 major parties. 0   attitude.        

                              29th Apr - 1st May, 2022 White Party Palm Springs 

 Palm Springs, California  USA White Party Palm Springs is the   largest gay circuit party in the United States and typically attracts more   than 30,000 attendees during the Coachella Valley's spring season.                             

            5-9th May, 2022 Purple Party 

 Purple Foundation, Dallas  USA Purple Foundation raises funds for   local organizations that work to improve the overall quality of life, health,   wellness, and future of the Dallas LGBTQIA+ community.             

                           26-30th May 2022 International Mr Leather 

 The Congress Hotel and Convention Center, Florida  USA Our traditions will continue with   the expansive market filled with vendors from around the globe and of course   you can’t forget the unforgettable Victory Party and must attend Black and   Blue Ball.                           

           26-30th May 2022 Sizzle Miami  

 Miami, Florida  USA Created in 2002 by Dwight Powell in   Miami, Florida, Sizzle has grown to become America’s most celebrated and   anticipated urban gay event in an atmosphere unparalleled to none.                                

       31th May - 6th Jun, 2022 Gay Days 

 Avanti Palms Resort, Florida  USA The theme is 'Gay Days Disco   Inferno' at the Avanti Palms Resort.                                

                   2-6th Jun, 2022 One Magical Weekend 

Walt Disney World, Florida  USA 2022 will mark the 30th year that   the LGBTQ+ Community has journeyed to Orlando to freely express   themselves.                                            

   4-6th Jun, 2022 Big Gay Orlando Weekend 

Lake Eola Park, Florida  USA Come Out With Pride, Inc. is an   all-volunteer non-profit organization inspired to make an impact in Orlando’s   LGBTQ+ community.                                     

       11-17th Sep, 2022 Women Fest Key West  

 Various locations, Florida  USA Key West welcomes women from across   the globe to an annual celebration that has become one of the largest   gatherings of lesbians and friends in North America's Womenfest!        

                                June, 2022 Nuuk Pride 

   Greenland A colourful and festive occasion,   it combines political issues with concerts, films and a parade and different   arrangements.                     

                         Antarctica Cruise   Buenos Aires  Argentina No matter where you’ve been or what   you’ve seen on previous travels, Antarctica is different from every other   destination on the planet.                                

              International Gay/Lesbian/Trans Film Festival in Argentina 

 Buenos Aires  Argentina It has become a reference Film   Festival for many others throughout Latin America.       

                                          25th Feb - 5th Mar, 2022 Rio Carnival 

 Across the city, Rio de Janeiro  Brazil This will let you know where the   best parties and the coolest events are being held. Most of the fun for the   gay crowd can be had at night in the nightclubs.                

                         November, 2022 Festival MixBrasil de Cinema e Video da Diversidade Sexual São Paulo 

 São Paulo  Brazil The selection of entries is done by   a committee of people connected to the areas of cinema, visual and   performing arts, journalism, advertising, academics, social policy, and/or   the LGBTQ+ universe.                       

               July, 2022 Rio Festival de Gênero & Sexualidade no Cinema 

Rio de Janeiro  Brazil It is a major annual film festival   in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, dedicated to the screening of a wide range   of contemporary LGBTQIA+ films.                                    

        June, 2022 Marcha del Orgullo Gay 

 Santiago, Calama, La   Serena, Talca, Concepción and Puerto Montt  Chile The Movilh emerged at a time when   homophobia and transphobia was total in all spheres of society, when   homosexuality was typhed as a crime by the State and when only a handful of   people supported the cause and much less recognized being lesbian, gay, bisexual   or transsexual, being the debate of sexual diversity hegemonized by   psychologists, psychiatrists and priests, while being homophobic or   transphobic was considered a positive "value".            

  June, 2022 AMOR Festival Santiago  Chile AMOR Festival is an Internacional de   Cine LGBT+ in Chile.      

                    July, 2022 Semana de la Visibilidad Lésbica y Bisexual 

 Santiago  Chile Its creator was the journalist and   activist Erika Montecinos Urrea who rescued the name of a radio   space that she hosted in the program Ama Zonas on the defunct Radio Tierra.   Later, the digital magazine went to print format and the new RSMagazine was   able to become a reality in the first quarter of 2008 being distributed   throughout Chile,                       

                  September, 2022 Marcha por la Diversidad Sexual 

Santiago  Chile El Movimiento por la Diversidad   Sexual remonta sus inicios con la fundación del Movimiento de Liberación   Homosexual, MOVILH histórico, en 1991.                          

           October, 2022 International LGBTI Film Festival (CINE MOVILH) 

Santiago  Chile MOBILE CINEMA is the first   Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, Intersex and Queer (LGBTIQ+) Film   Festival in Chile, as well as the largest and widest sample of films with   themes of sexual diversity produced in our country.                

                    October, 2022 Marcha por la Diversidad Sexual 

 Chile Already with two years of   experience on struggles for sexual diversity in the Tarapacá region and part   of the great north of Chile, Fadise has earned the position as one of the   strongest social organizations in the north that goes in support of the LGBTI   community (lesbian, gay, bisexual, Trans and Intersex).                        

    June, 2022 Marcha de la Ciudadania LGBT 

 Bogota, Colombia                                       

             October, 2022 Semana de la Diversidad Sexual y de Géneros 

 Bogotá  Colombia La Semana de la Diversidad Sexual y   de Géneros tiene como objetivo buscar el reconocimiento de la diversidad   en las orientaciones sexuales y en las identidades de género                                    

    September, 2022 Queenstown Gay Ski Week 

Queenstown   New Zealand Winter Pride is a festival in a   small town with a bold heart that celebrates love, community, diversity,   visibility, safety and inclusion. It is a festival that encourages locals and   visitors alike to come together and celebrate their diversity.                               

   19-23th Jan, 2022 Coastal Twist Festival 

 Woy Woy, Ettalong Beach, Gosford and Umina Beach, New South Wales  Australia Multiple Central Coast hubs come   alive with free and ticketed events to suit all ages and abilities.          

                                    23th Jan - 13th Feb 2022 Midsumma Festival 

 Alexandra Gardens, Melbourne  Australia Midsumma Festival’s program   comprises a curated Midsumma Presents line-up plus the community-driven   Open-Access stream, to share with you the lived experiences of those voices   at the margins, the expression of queer history, and the celebration of new   ideas and stories that come to life through world-class art and performance.                   

     18th Feb - 6th Mar, 2022 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras 

 Sydney, New South Wales  Australia A bustling extravaganza that brings   Sydney to a standstill and shines a global spotlight on LGBTQI lives,   culture, communities and creativity.                                    

        20th Feb, 2022 Mardi Gras Fair Day 

 Sydney Park, New South Wales  Australia Fair Day is an important event to   connect LGBTQI+ groups and organisations with the wider community, and   although you won’t be able to meet them in person at Victoria Park in 2021,   we wanted to provide you with a resource, so you can still reach out and connect.   Below, we have pulled together helpful links to our past Fair Day   stallholders and to the groups that had expressed interest in being a   stallholder next year.      

          24-27th Feb, 2022 Port Douglas Hot & Steamy Festival 

 Port Douglas, Queensland  Australia Travelling from overseas or   locally, the event has been developed by a group of gay Port Douglas business   owners and friends who want to showcase our stunning town and region to our   broader community                     
        10-14th Mar, 2022 ChillOut Daylesford 

Darlinghurst, Victoria  Australia ChillOut, Australia’s number one   Queer Country Pride festival, ­is held in the gay capital of regional   Victoria – Daylesford - in the Hepburn Shire.                                   

        12th Mar, 2022 Wagga Mardi Gras 

 Victory Memorial Gardens, Wagga  Australia Wagga Mardi Gras aims to raise the   visibility of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex   communities in the Riverina, providing an opportunity to express their   creativity and celebrate their identity.        

                           24-28th Mar, 2022 Broken Heel Festival 1 

 Palace Hotel, New South Wales  Australia The Broken Heel Festival is a   fabulous five-day festival which celebrates the theatrical anniversary of   "Priscilla Queen of the Desert" at her spiritual home; The Palace   Hotel and the township of Broken Hill, NSW, Australia.                              

     8-12th Sep, 2022 Broken Heel Festival 2

 Palace Hotel, New South Wales  Australia 2022’s Festivals will bring you   headline performances from our nation's best Showgirls, Bio Queens, Drag   Queens, Drag Kings and DJ's representing every corner of Australia's diverse   community.                               

        May, 2022 International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia & Transphobia Durban   Beach Walk 

Durban Beach Front  South Africa A march for LGBT Freedom of   Expression, which will take place along the city’s beachfront.                                                

Aug / Sep, 2022 Durban Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

Durban, KwaZulu-Natal  South Africa We are the oldest operational, and   city-based, LGBTIQ film festival in Africa, held annually since 2011, taking   place in late September.              
November, 2022 Mr Gay World South Africa 

Gauteng  South Africa The Mr Gay World South Africa   competition strives to be a mentor in grooming gay leaders that will advance   gay human rights both locally and throughout the world.                          

               May, 2022 Pink Loerie Mardi Gras 

 Knysna, Western Cape  South Africa The main purpose of Pink Loerie   Foundation is to assist the greater Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and   Queer (LGBTQ+) community, in supporting causes and charitable events,   providing education and awareness programs including tourism, and creating an   ethos of care within the community and beyond and raising awareness of the   long-term, damaging effects of bullying, all forms of violence and hate   crimes including corrective rape.             

 11-19th Nov, 2022 Gay Games 11 Hong Kong

 Hong Kong Stadium  Hong Kong Across 36 sports including Dragon   Boat Racing, Dodgeball, eSports, and Trail Running. Gay Games 11 will welcome   12,000 participants and 75,000 spectators for 9 days of sport, arts and   culture.                                      

 3-5th Jun, 2022 Circuit Asia Weekend 

 Pattaya Beach, Chon Buri  Thailand Circuit festival Asia Weekend is   produced by the creators of Asia’s biggest parties: White Party Bangkok &   S2O Songkran Music Festival in collaboration with the producers of Circuit   Festival Barcelona.                                     
Sep / Oct, 2022 LGBT Civil Rights Movement Film Festival 

 Taipei  Taiwan                                                       

  October, 2022 Taiwan International Queer Film Festival (TIQFF) 

 Taipei City, Kaoshiung City and Taichung City  Taiwan The Film Festival is only possible   with government support, corporate sponsorship, and, most importantly, the   countless friends and volunteers who have made themselves available to work   toward this cause.






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