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Crete - Gay- friendly holiday destination in Greece


In the small island of Crete, nudists will find their lifestyles celebrated on the nude beaches. I would recommend taking a trip to Sarantaris. It is perched between Anissaras and Hersonissos, which is around 20-minute drive from the only airport in Heraklion. These nude beaches are the perfect setting to meet like-minded gay men, whether they are locals or tourists like you! With their generous culture and hospitality, it is extremely easy to socialize with the gay locals, form new friendships, and make plans to enjoy your gay vacation.

Crete has many lifestyles for all types of gay men to enjoy. Even if you travel alone, you will definitely make a few friends along the way. Yes, you won’t be bored. I do prefer Crete for a quiet, relaxing, and sunny destination because the gay life can be more relaxed compared to Mykonos, but it, definitely, is something to enjoy. From gay-friendly accommodations to gay trips, Crete will make you feel comfortable as you visit the many beaches and landscapes.!

There are few things to keep in mind:

1. Herklion is the capital of Crete, which is home to the only airport on the entire island.
2. Using the bus or renting a car is extremely easy so you don’t have to worry!
3. The official currency is the Euro, but even on this small island, paying by card is very common.
4. Yes, there is an ATM everywhere you go!

I hope you love this gay destination as much as I did



It is rare to find a strictly gay hotel in Crete, Greece, but there are tons of gay-friendly places that would love someone from the LGBT community at their establishment. 

Below is the only hotel that does mention the word gay in an article; however, don’t be afraid to try any other hotel as the majority of them in Crete are gay-friendly!

1. Home Hotel

Affordable, simple, and cosy. Home hotel is right in the center of Port Hersonissos and is surrounded by so many beaches!

Check out the list below for some useful websites where you can look and book accommodation. The first link is one of the most popular gay accommodation platforms:

1. Misterbandb


3. Agoda

4. Hostelworld


6. Expedia

7. Wotif

8. Hostelbookers

9. Lastminute

10. Kayak

If you need more help, please contact me!



 This little gay bar in Hersonissos is closed during off-seasons but the cute atmosphere will give you that chill night you are looking for in Crete.

As I mentioned before, expect a quieter life in Crete. Yes, there are tons of bars and clubs that are labelled as “gay-friendly” and most of them are, which will give you the option to mingle with straight friends if you wish.


Crete has two international airports, one in Heraklion and one in Chania that makes it easy for you to visit the island. If you want to head to Hersonissos where most of the nightlife is, I would recommend landing in Heraklion because it is a shorter distance by bus than Chania. Once you’re there, you can use the cheapest way and take the bus from Heraklion to Hersonissos. It will take you about 45 minutes while the bus from Chania will take you up to 4 hours.

There are other options such as a direct taxi but the price will be at least 10 times more than the bus. You can even rent a car but remember to have your passport, credit card, and driver’s licence from your country on hand.

Below are some of the best airlines which connect Europe to the world:

  1. British Airways - U.K National Airline

2. Lufthansa - National German Airline

3. Air France - National French Airline

4. KLM - National Dutch Airline

5. SWISS - National Swiss Airline

Some of the most useful sites to book flights are:

1. Skyscanner

2. Kayak

3. Lastminute

4. Momondo

5. Opodo

If you need more help, please contact me!

Have a safe journey!


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