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Canal boat holiday - A great and unique gay vacation experience


Hiring a canal boat has been a popular holiday since the 1940s - after all, what could be more relaxing than sailing gently through the countryside? All the while you’ll be admiring the scenery, stepping out and exploring authentic villages and hamlets, and enjoying a slower pace of life as you drift along the canal or river.

This simple holiday can be enjoyed equally by gay families, gay couples, gay dads or even a group of gay friends who are ready to set sail on a boozy aquatic adventure! What’s more, most canal boat holiday providers are more than happy for you to bring pets along, so your four-legged friends can get a taste of the fun as well.

Perhaps you’ve never ventured aboard a canal boat before? For your first canal boat hire, you can choose to hire a driver with your boat. However you don’t need a license to drive a canal boat and UK canals and rivers are easy to navigate even for those with little or no experience. The canal boat itself is like a small floating home - most boats have a simple seating and kitchen area, while larger boats will have a WC, shower, beds and even luxuries like a TV.

Popular UK canal boat holiday destinations include the Norfolk Broads, the Pennines, the Brecon Beacons and even London! Across these UK regions you’ll find a variety of beautiful landscapes to admire from the water. However, the UK weather is notoriously unpredictable! Those looking for a little more sunshine for their gay canal holiday could explore the Camargue canals in the south of France, head to Edam (yes - the home of the famous cheese!) in The Netherlands, or cruise the romantic canals and waterways of the Venice lagoon.

Wherever you’re headed, remember to pack carefully for your canal boat holiday. Just like a caravan, canal boats can get chilly in colder weather, so it’s advisable to take a warm jumper - even in the summertime! Canals, in particular those in the UK, tend not to pass through busy towns with large supermarkets. Be sure to bring all the supplies you’ll need for your trip. Thankfully, you’ll find plenty of space on board your boat to store food, drinks, games and more.

Canal boats are not traditioanally a popular destination amongst the gay community - but we think that the combination of peace & quiet, breathtaking scenery and the unique opportunity for adventure will prove hard for our readers to resist.






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