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Brighton - The best summer gay spot in the UK?


 Like to know how gay is Brighton? or is any gay beaches  in Brighton or nearby?

Well, this page is perfect for answering your curiosity about gay holidays, nude beaches, and nightlife in Brighton!

Brighton is a beautiful seaside resort situated in the south of England on the English Chanel. By attracting plenty of gay tourists all around the year, especially during the summer, Brighton has become one of the gayest places in the country, if not the best during summer.

This lovely town has long and wide beaches (indeed stony ones, not sandy ones)  bordered on one side by the English Chanel and others side by the high amount of bars and restaurants (especially around Palace Pier).  The water is comfortable for swimming and clean. With the warmest temperature in July and August, do not expect the water temperature the same as in the South of Europe due to geographical position.

The Gay Beach in Brighton, optional clothing, is about a 15-20 min walk from the center and is just before Brighton Marina. You can either walk along the beach or on the boulevard.

If you feel the ''need for a bit of shadow'', just above the Naturiste Beach, you have Dukes Mound Gardens, which is the popular gay cruising area in Brighton at day even at night.

With a lovely and friendly vibe, the gay beach generally is busy during the week after office hours (4-5pm) and crowded during the weekend.

On the beach you have no bar or something to buy a drink or snack; therefore it is better to bring with you at least some water.
At the beach, definitely, you need at least flip-flops if not water shoes, this will make your time more enjoyable (to walk on a stony beach without shoes can be a nightmare... hahaha (own experience). You may want to think about a beach/air mattress also. Once you're in the water is great, as is sandy mostly. 
If you would like to come by car, not far from the beach is car parking (about 3-4GBP/h).
Sometimes, you can easily make friends and spend the rest of the day or going out in the evening together. 

One of the main attractions is Pier Palace. Here you will see many souvenir kiosks, restaurants, bars, and amusements areas, all to add value to your holiday. Give you great views over the city and the sea during the day and evening.
The gay nightlife in Brighton, I think, is amazing; people are more friendly and chatty. Many bars organize karaoke, shows ready to entertain and give you a great holiday experience. Dragqueen shows, I noticed, are popular and give a colorful vibe to the gay scene.
When I been there (in summer ), I have been delighted to see the open-air cinema and mini-golf on the beach.

Brighton has plenty of things to make your vacation memorable and enjoyable. I have been there a few times, and I would like to go again! Hopefully, you will feel the same.

I wish you a great time!



Brighton is such an open mind when it comes to LGBT+ that every hotel will be happy to welcome you (i think).

Going directly to the point, gay accommodation,  Brighton doesn’t have any purely gay accommodation options. There are no gay hotels or gay hostels that cater to only gay men. However, there are few known as mainly gay or gay friendly.

1. Legends Hotel

            2. Brighton Dungeon  

(Hotel which offers a kinky place for couples or adventurous /gay or not gay).

The gay nightlife is primarily focused around the “Kemptown.” So, I would recommend you find a hotel or hostel in a nearby area.

Check out some of the websites I included below for some accommodation options. You can even check out the popular gay accommodation that is the first on the list:

1. Misterbandb


3. Agoda

4. Hostelworld


6. Expedia

7. Wotif

8. Hostelbookers

9. Lastminute

10. Kayak

If you need more help, please contact me!


The nightlife in this beautiful town is great. Many lovely gay bars with a different theme, such as karaoke and clubs, will animate your time in Brighton.

Below are some of the most vibrant and popular places to keep you awake all night long: 

Bar Revenge

Club Revenge

The Queens Arms Brighton

Don't Tell Mama - (D.T.M.)

Affinity Bar

The Zone Bar

Le Village

Gay Bars


The Grosvenor Bar

The Rooftop Bar

The Amsterdam Bar & Kitchen

The Bedford Tavern

Proud Cabaret Brighton

Gay and Gay friendly Saunas:

The Boiler Room Sauna

The Brighton Sauna

Bristol Gardens Health Spa (GayFriendly)

Have fun, lads!


Brighton is very close to London (about 55 miles 75 km). Therefore you can use any London airports if you decide to fly ( Gatwick the closest one).

The Central Station in Brighton is not far from the seaside and '' gay district'', maybe about 15 - 25 min walk.

From London or other parts of the country to Brighton, you can use public transport (generally works very good) such as trains, buses. If you book in advance your tickets, they have very affordable prices.

If you decide to travel by car, you can call your hotel to ask for a parking place (the ones in the public area are a bit expensive, GBP3-5/h).

Have a safe journey!


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