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Blackpool - The best LGBT spot North-West England


If I need to describe in few words, Gay life in Blackpool is a pleasant surprise and a plus for the gay (LGBT+) community by his inclusion in society. I also believe it is an essential gay spot (especially during weekends)on the North-West coast of England when many community members decide to travel to Blackpool and hang out.

Why I'm saying this?

I have seen so many places (hotels and bars ) waving the rainbow flag (especially around Dickson Rd with Springfield Rd, also called the gayest area in the town).

This exciting town (Blackpool) is so different(+and -) than any other place in the U.K; it has a lovely and long promenade animated by the numerous amusements parks, restaurants, bars, and the three vibrant Piers: all adding an attractive plus to your vacation.

If you're lucky and have nice weather, walking on the sandy beach (and sea level is low) and getting some tan could be an alternative idea of enjoying Blackpool.

As I believe the age doesn't have limits, you may found entertaining to spend some time in one of the crazy but amazing funny parks or try

1. ''Pleasure Beach'' ( exhilarating selection of head-spinning roller coasters, including the world-famous The Big One, the Big Dipper, Infusion, Valhalla, Ice Blast, and our thrilling latest addition Red Arrows Skyforce).

2.Visiting Blackpool Tower can add a to-do list from where you can have incredible panoramas.

3.Sandcastle Waterpark -  the UK's Largest Indoor Waterpark ( data from the internet).

Enjoying the walks on the promenade is highly recommended, during the day, also evening (alone or a romantic walk with your partner).
The evening can be spent in one of the numerous gay (LGBT+) bars, which sometimes have different events during the weekend; for example, the mardi gras hotel is a great place to hangout with other fellas.

Has Blackpool a cruising area? 
Well, lads, I didn't expect to explore the town. I found out that those who wanna get naughty can walk down the promenade between ''Imperian Hotel and North Ocean Hotel'' and ''enjoy the breeze of Blackpool''. However, be aware that you may find guys smoking weed as well; therefore, pay attention to your approach.

Have a safe and great time in Blackpool!



Surprise surprise... who could expect gay (LGBT+) hotels in a town away from London and not in London?

Well done Blackpool, what a great surprise to value for LGBT+ Community to have you.

Indeed Blackpool has gay hotels( gay accommodation) and relatively few; please have a look, and who knows next trip on the list will be Blackpool.

  1. mardi gras hotel  - A lovely LGBT Hotel with a pleasant atmosphere, staff, and bar (with terrace). Good full English Breakfast included in the rate room.

2. TradesHotel  - Gay men Only 

3. Peek A Booze 

Have a lovely stay!


Pleasantly surprised by the number of LGBT+ bars for such a  small town, from early in the morning till late in the evening, especially during the weekend when it gets more crowded.

Below are the most popular ones who welcome our community members:

MardiHotel Bar


Peek A Booze

Sapphires Blackpool

Garlands Blackpool

The Flying Handbag

Have fun!


Blackpool is quite good connected within other parts of the country by bus or train.

From London, there are direct trains (if you book in advance at affordable prices).

The nearest international airport is Manchester, and from Manchester about 1h 15min train or bus ( £ 7-12 one way).

In case you wanna go by car, it will be good to check with the hotel to see if they have parking available (even better to ask if it will be included in the accommodation price or free parking).

UK Couches company:

  1. national express - I have been few times with national express and had a great experience (seats very comfortable, especially on a long journey)

2.  megabus - Low coast coach (another alternative to reach your destination).

Have a safe journey!


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