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If you love the site of naked men lying on the beach, then Beach 19 is the spot for you. Let’s be fair, who wouldn’t love that sight? The sand dunes in the beach create a lovely environment filled with colourful umbrellas and a sense of freedom unlike any other beach. The beauty of Beach 19 is the lack of judgement. There is a peace and loving aura around you that inspires you to be free and proud of your own identity.

While you’re lying under the heat, your eyes will wander over the smooth, blue sky as the sounds of the waves calm every nerve in your body. Beach 19 is one of the most famous gay beaches in Europe. It is a lovely touristic attraction that is known worldwide and, therefore, brings in a lovely gay crowd.

One thing that complements the heat of Beach 19 is the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Yes, the sun can get quite intense, so the waters will cool you off after you’ve check out the beautiful sand dunes. With the scorching sun, don’t forget to bring a pair of flip-flops or shoes because the sand can heat up pretty fast. This way, it will give you the opportunity to walk around the landscape without worrying about burning your feet. A pair of sunglasses and sunscreen will go a long way at Beach 19.

This gay beach brings in men of all ages. If you want a diverse crowd of young and older men, then this gay destination will keep you on your toes. There is a small forest right above the beach where you could explore yourself or with a group. You might end up making a new friend or two up there since it is a popular gathering spot.

Similar to a lot of other isolated beaches, make sure you get your own drinks and food because there is nothing around you. At Beach 19, you are alone with your naked self and a gay crowd. Don’t expect to find any restaurant or bar.

I really hope you enjoy your time at Beach 19 as much as I did.



Beach 19 is far from any nearby towns, though I would recommend you find someplace to stay in Lisbon. It is the closest to the beach and it has an incredible gay nightlife.

If you want to read more about my experience in Lisbon, read more here. The city offers great accommodation no matter what your budget is. Whether you want to pamper yourself in luxurious hotels or save a few bucks and stay in hostels, this gay city can embrace you with open arms and a loving attitude.

Lisbon offers accommodation for all budgets, from luxury hotels to hostels. In this lovely, gay city you can check out some of the options below for gay accommodations:

1. The Late Birds Lisbon

2. My Rainbow Rooms

In the central area of Lisbon, I stayed at a hostel called Oasis. It's a great place to sleep if you're on a budget and don't plan on spending your day indoors.


Checkout these useful websites where you can book your accommodations. The first link is one of the most popular gay accommodation platforms:

1. Misterbandb


3. Agoda

4. Hostelworld


6. Expedia

7. Wotif

8. Hostelbookers

9. Lastminute

10. Kayak

If you need more help, please contact me!


Beach 19 is in the middle of nowhere. So, there are no clubs, bars, or saunas in close proximity. As I mentioned before, buy your own drinks and snacks, pack them in a bag, and take a trip to this wonderful gay beach.

When you’re ready to experience the nightlife in Portugal, your best bet is Lisbon. I’ve included a list of some of the best gay bars, gay saunas, and gay clubs in Lisbon for you to try out.

1. Bar TR3S Lisboa

2. Espaco 40e1

3. Bar CRU

4. Gay Bar 106

5. Friends Bairro Alto

6. Woof X

7. Trombeta Bath


9. SKY Sauna Club

Have fun!


Lisbon Airport or Portela Airport is the closest airport you’ll find to Beach 19. If you’re coming to Portugal on your gay holiday, then Lisbon is the place to be. The airport is closely connected to many major European cities. The airport is about 8km from the center of the city and encompasses both domestic and international flights. You can get there by using the subway.

If you use public transportation from Lisbon, follow these instructions:

- There is a boat every 30 minutes from very early in the morning until late in the evening. This will take you to Cacilhas from Lisbon Casis do Sodre. Once you reach Cacilhas, take the bus from the station outside the port. Make sure you get on buses number 127 or 145 until you reach Fonte da Telha, which is the last stop. There is another 20-to-25-minute walk until you get to Beach 19.

- The buses run every hour and, at times, it could be every 30 minutes.

- You can get your tickets from the kiosk or from the bus driver, but keep in mind that if you buy it directly from the driver, you would be charged more.

For travelling to Lisbon below are some of the best airlines which connect Europe to the world:

  1. British Airways - U.K National Airline

2. Lufthansa - National German Airline

3. Air France - National French Airline

4. KLM - National Dutch Airline

5. SWISS - National Swiss Airline

Some of the most useful sites to book flights are:

1. Skyscanner

2. Kayak

3. Lastminute

4. Momondo

5. Opodo

If you need more help, please contact me!

Have a safe journey!


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