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What's the best gay destinations for summer?

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Many of us are trying to find a great gay spot where can fulfil the most important time in the year, holiday time...

Nice weather, good nightlife, and plenty of gay guys from where to choose to hang out, or shag is the goal for many of us.

Like always pluses and minuses, and what's perfect for you may be different for others, however, below I will point out some of the gayest summer spots.

The best gay destination in Europe (my own opinion +some other people I talk about) is SPAIN a beautiful, accessible, affordable and most welcoming gay country in Europe.

Few of the main reasons I have placed Spain as the best gay holiday destination are:

- people who are very gay-friendly, and welcoming and open mind (when comes to LGBT)

-weather: Spain gives you options to spend the holiday all around the year, either choosing Sitges (between June -September) or Gran Canaria (most time of the year).

- a variety of beaches: long sandy beaches such in Palma de Mallorca or Gran Canaria, or pebbles, rocky beaches such as in Sitges

- amazing nightlife, with plenty of bars with Drag Quean shows, gay cruising bars,

- gay men-only hotels, bungalows, and hotels which will add a great plus on your gay vacation to make yourself enjoy the freedom to the maximum

- gay nude beaches, with plenty of cruising spots

- affordable, and accessible from any part of the world, with great flight connections, and a budget for everyone from budget to luxury accommodations.

Let us know what's your favourite one.

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